I have done some traveling in the past, but this trip was special.  We awoke early on Thursday morning, taking a brisk walk to the train station. From there it was a 90 minute train ride to the Kent station, then a 45 minute drive to our final destination for 3.5 days. But I still cannot tell you where we went yet! We took a walk along the beach and took some great photos and one of my friends braved the cold waters for an introductory swim. We enjoyed both a nice lunch and dinner at the local restaurant. We bonded over pool and other camp games as the night turned out to be a bonding experience. Night 1 had good sleep too.

Day 2 was great. I woke up with kind of a start, went to an early morning writing session, wrote down some powerful storyboard, listened to music blaring on my wireless speaker, hung a little bit, enjoyed lunch and dinner, and more music and relaxation in the evening. I cherish my sleep so the next morning I woke up a little past 10:00 am. I hurried to our session, reading out the piece I had written the day before, then off to a quick lunch, then the gym to get some sweat on. A quick shower later, I got a chance to listen to Danielle McLaughlin, a renowned Irish author, talk about her work. It was great listening to another Irish author discuss writing techniques, things that work for them the best. Then I had a lull for several hours before dinner. I read some of my novel, thought some deep thoughts, then dinner. The pasta was great! The rest of the night was mine to burn. This weekend was so relaxing and eye-opening, because of the beauty of the nature and the water and the people. The countdown to reentry has begun!


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