An Insider look into CIEE Open Campus-Berlin

CIEE’s Open Campus Berlin program is a brand new program; they just opened their doors last semester! It’s pretty cool to know that I am a part of one of the first groups of students to participate in this program. Throughout the semester, I’ll be referencing different aspects of the program and I wanted to give you all a run down since it’s a new and interesting concept.

G27 Macro Sea 4
Entry Way into CIEE G27 (Photo from Photo by Chris Mosier. Courtesy of Macro Sea.)
G27 Macro Sea 35
First floor lounge which now has a TV; great for chill night. (Photo from Photo by Chris Mosier. Courtesy of Macro Sea.)

CIEE created this open campus concept first in Berlin (Yay!) then later London and Rome; which allows students the ability and flexibility to study abroad in whichever facet they need. The semester is broken up into three blocks (six weeks each). If you wanted, you could spend one block in each location which I think is pretty amazing. Each students is given the opportunity to choose an academic track; business, communications, health sciences etc.

Each block I take two classes of my choosing. It’s really nice to have the freedom to take classes that interest me for example, International Marketing and Grimm’s Fairy Tales, while also pursing my major. Another perk is that CIEE makes possible for everyone to have the opportunity to take German classes. I’m currently in Survival German which is a 0 credit, fun, low pressure environment to pick up some Deutsch.

G27 Macro Sea 29
CIEE G27 (Photo from Photo by Chris Mosier. Courtesy of Macro Sea.)
G27 Macro Sea 19
What you see when you first walk in; not pictured is the little cafe and cozy fireplace. (Photo from Photo by Chris Mosier. Courtesy of Macro Sea.)

We live, eat, and take classes all in this amazing old renovated factory. There are at least 120 students here. Between 2-4 students are placed in a room and each room has a personal bathroom. We have 4 kitchens, 1 laundry room, a café, and multiple classrooms and work spaces. The building is filled with amazing art work from Berlin artist. If you are worried about safety they have plenty of security measures in place and we have 24 hour security guards on duty.

We have German RA’s and students living with us which is great to already have an insider’s perspective into the city. They plan weekly dinners for us if we’d like or even let us tag along on their daily activities.

One of the rare moments the kitchen is empty. The bright side of sharing a kitchen with so many people is that our rooms come with microwaves and mini fridges 🙂
One of the many works of art we’re surrounded by.
G27 Macro Sea 15
Every room is a little different. (Photo from Photo by Chris Mosier. Courtesy of Macro Sea.)

Our program plans optional weekly excursions around the city to places like the Outdoor Turkish market, or more serious places like the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. It’s a great way to learn Germany’s history and get to know the city. Also we have plenty of clubs, or even better- you can get out and get connected to Berlin.

Exploring Berlin
Class excursion to a local brewery, great way to start the day.

CIEE Open Campus Berlin is a great program filled with lots of opportunities. I hope this helped you to understand my program a little better!

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