A Typical Weekday

I cannot believe I’ve been in Paris for over a month; the time has flown by and there is still so much to see. This post is long overdue thanks to cold and flu season. Thankfully I got by with lots of hot tea and Ricola cough drops, and my cold is finally gone.

Since I’ve been resting lately, I thought I would describe a usual weekday for me in Paris. Each week is different: sometimes we have class trips, excursions, etc., but here is what I do on most days:

Each morning I have breakfast at the apartment. My host mom provides breakfast for me and my housemate which is usually tea, toast, and fruit. Then I grab my books and head to class. The IES Center where I take classes is about a 20 minute walk from the apartment (or a 15 minute bus ride if it’s cold, rainy, or I’m running late).

On Monday and Wednesday mornings I get up earlier because I have a 9 a.m. class. On Tuesdays and Thursdays my first class starts at 10:45, but I like to arrive about an hour early to finish up homework and catch up with friends.

My classes include the Maghreb and the Arab World, Poetics and Politics of Gender in France, French Women Writers, Immigration and Diversity in Paris, and French Language and Context. During breaks I get lunch from a nearby boulangerie. They have typical French pastries but also pasta dishes, sandwiches, and soups for under 6 euro.

After class I usually grab a snack from the same boulangerie. Depending on how much homework I have I’ll either study at my homestay or at a café if I really need to focus. There are also plenty of beautiful libraries.

This is just a brief overview of a usual weekday. Some days I’ll go sightseeing in the afternoons as well. There are so many things to see in the city and a semester somehow feels like not enough time. In March I have trips planned to Ireland and Spain as well as more excursions with the program. It seems far away but I know I’ll be traveling before I know it!




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