Spring break and Stay-cation

Well, it is that time of year when the snow is finally starting to melt and spring is among us. Here in Holland we still have some large snow piles left, but the sun is making its way outside. Since I am not in classes this semester I was not able to take off for […]

Let the Countdown Begin!

How in the world am I graduating in just 2 short weeks?!?! When people say that time at college flies, they really are not kidding. I also was not planning on graduating early until this past summer. Thankfully, I will be staying in Holland hopefully until August, so I will still be able to enjoy […]

Everyone’s Favorite Day!

Despite many exams, assignments, and projects being due on Friday, everyone still loves Friday. I can guarantee it is everyone’s favorite day (in the weekday of course!) If you’re reading this, give yourself a pat on the back. You made it through this week. I know for some, it was just such a draining week. […]

Final Thoughts for a Phenomenal Year

I cannot believe the time has come…. I’m officially done with my sophomore year. As I sit and reflect this past year, I could not be more thankful than to have spent my time at Hope College. I have grown in so many aspects of my life. The new friends I have made this year […]

Thankful to be at Hope =]

In honor of Thanksgiving I thought I would write about what I am most thankful for at Hope. Friends- The people I have met here are seriously amazing. I have been here only a little over a year, but I already feel like I have made some life long friends. I am grateful I get to […]

Reunited with Hope Friends!

Yet again, I was reunited with some more Hope friends this past weekend. Three of my friends who are working at Spring Hill Camp this summer came to visit. Also, two of my friends drove from Indiana. We were all reunited. We walked the streets of downtown Holland Saturday morning. Following a visit to Lemonjello’s […]

Holidays in Michigan

Hey! This past Monday I spent the fourth of July with some of my friends from Hope at my friend’s house in Kalamazoo. I also spent Memorial Day with the same people. We are starting to grow very close and really enjoy spending time together. On the fourth of July, I met up with some […]

Hope Friends. Nothing Better.

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying summer! Life in Holland has been excellent. I would like to tell you a little bit about my friends from Hope and the people here. Some of you may be incoming freshmen who are nervous about making friends right away. I definitely was nervous about making new friends […]