Presentation at University of Michigan

This weekend was short for me because I spent a day in University of Michigan. I did not have any chance to attend the homecoming events and that was a pity. On Saturday, I got up at 5.30 AM and took a ride with Dr. Smith. There were other engineering students, and Dr. Jianhua Li. […]

How to Make Good Food in an Apartment/Cottage

This past week was actually relaxing for me. I did not have a Materials lab report due. This meant a lot for an engineering guy! Usually I always spend 10+ hours on this kind of report every week. Also, there was no exam around the corner during this week. I joked with my friend, “Without […]

The Coolest Winter I Ever Had

This week is so still so freezing. Many people said the campus should be shut down, but I think the college cannot do this too frequently because it seems this weather will last for a couple weeks. It is hard to go anywhere. This situation will not be strange if you are from Michigan, while […]

January in Holland

Our campus is shut down again. At the beginning of this semester, our college closed for two days. It happened again today. I was doing my lab report in CAD lab, and my friend Francisco just showed me the message from college that all classes were cancelled this afternoon. The CAD lab was an ebullition. I […]