January in Holland

Our campus is shut down again. At the beginning of this semester, our college closed for two days. It happened again today. I was doing my lab report in CAD lab, and my friend Francisco just showed me the message from college that all classes were cancelled this afternoon. The CAD lab was an ebullition. I felt so glad that I do not need to take the two classes this afternoon because I did my engineering homework till 3 AM last night.

Campus Shutdown
Campus Shutdown

This new semester is pretty short. Sometimes I cannot believe that it is 2014 now. In one week, February is coming. Same as the last semester, I am very busy with my studies this semester because I have two higher-level engineering courses. The two classes have two labs too. Lab is a very weird thing sometimes. It is usually with no credit or just one credit, but it will take you forever… I spent seven hours on my material lab report and I got a 100/100. Not mean to show off… The point is it will pay off.

I like my electronics lab better because of my passion and interest in electronics. You may wonder what we do. Well, here is the fact:

What you think electrical engineers do:

What I think we do:

What my mom thinks I can do:

What we actually do:

2014-01-23 10.03.36

By the way, the professor in this picture is my electronics professor, Dr. Abrahantes, originally from Cuba. He is a very awesome professor because he has a different philosophy for education. He said we would be allowed to use anything, including laptop, textbook, notebook and cellphone in our exam. (Well, I assume the exams are not that easy based on this policy…..) And the deadline never means “dead” in his class.

Here is one snapshot in my lab. It looks cool, doesn’t it?

2014-01-23 10.14.09

I moved to a new apartment this semester, which is College East Apartment. Here is really cool and I will have another post about this next week. You will also see my adorable roommates….

At the end of this post, I cannot help to share some pictures I took this week.

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Have a great weekend 🙂

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