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Well, the first month of this semester is about to end. For many high school seniors, the application season is coming. Perhaps you have a great plan and dream for your college life, then come to visit Hope College and try to sit in a class.

This blog is called Life in Orange and Blue, which standards for a colorful college time (tip: orange and blue are two official colors at Hope :0 ). However, you might not think my life is cool because I am not good at taking many great photos. Actually, as an engineering student, doing a research is kind of an “extra-curricular activity.” I am having fun on my research, indeed. Thus, my posts probably are more about the academic life here. If you are interested in science, you are in the right place!

Currently I am doing two research with two professors. You may wonder what the research is. Well, it may not be as cool as it sounds. I have to read several papers a week and try to figure out the methodologies in those papers. Doing a simulation on computer is also a mission. Usually, it takes me a lot of time, but I think it is worthy because the importance of research cannot be exaggerated for science including chemistry, engineering, biology, etc. The ability of doing a research can reflect your self-orientation in a way. It is different from taking a class and the professor will tell you everything. You’ll have to explore and try repeatedly.

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I have a meeting with my professors every week, to report my process and get some guidance and new ideas. I like the independent work because it is really unconstrained.

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