The title may sound like I am a freshman, but actually I am trying to review my first two months as a freshman. Everything is like before. I like this small town. Sometimes I might think it is a little boring, but I have to say that I like this kind of peaceful life without hassle or worry about life in a big city.

There was something cool during the past several weeks. Sorry I am a procrastinatory so I did not write a blog every week. Anyway, let me see what I did.

On Sep 28, we went to a leadership retreat in Allegan. It was organized by Office of Multicultural Education, who always makes some cool events for us. I went to that retreat last year, and I liked that so much. Thus, I did not hesitate to sign up. Things are different from last year. The leadership orientation was not a boring lecture this time. We followed an elderly sir and did many interesting games. I think they were way better.

I love the baby bear!
I love the baby bear!
This is hard.
This is hard.
With Colin ;)
With Colin 😉

That day was so great. We then rowed the canoe on the lake in the afternoon. It was a cool experience. From the leadership retreat, I learned it is important to keep calm even if the situation is out of hand. Your teammates may lose their direction just because you are nervous.

After the retreat, life came to school. I am still doing my researches with professors. The stuff is not easy, especially there was no one around me who does the same thing. I have to figure everything out by myself. This is probably the cool point of science.

On October 14, there was an inauguration of our 12th President, Dr. John Knapp. I knew that there was going to be a new president last semester but I did not know too much about our new president. The inauguration was very awesome. I did not attend it but I watched it online for about 30 minutes. The online version was even cooler than live, I guess. It was HD. I thought it was just like the speech of a president on graduation ceremony. I watched some before on the Internet, and I never imaged there would be such a fantastic even in my college! The inauguration was complex, and I think it was the most formal and important event I know since I came to Hope.

Credit to Hope College Photography.
Credits to Hope College Photography.

We are having our Fall Break now. I enjoy my break! A new post will be here about our fall recess soon 🙂

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