It is Friday Again!

Hello people,

I haven’t updated the blog for more than a week. It was a very busy and intense week for me. Thus, even a little break is so precious!

I am a quiet guy, so I would prefer to go to somewhere peaceful when I need a break. Last weekend, I biked to Lake Macatawa with my roomie.

Holland is such a beautiful city that everyone can be a photographer if you have a camera. It is so enjoyable to go to the lake around the sunset time and enjoy the breeze.

A normal night for an engineering/CS student…

2014-09-17 21.24.32


Here is some special content that you will only read here 🙂

Our engineering department put up some pictures about the history of our department last week. Check them out!

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(© Hope College, credits to Engineering Department of Hope College)

Aren’t they amazing? Our department has a relatively short history (“Engineering courses have been offered at Hope College since 1979. In 1994, the engineering faculty increased to four members through the addition of two new hires.”), but this was all built on all the efforts in the last 100 years. Now we have 9 full-time engineering professors and other faculty. Back in the freshman year, Dr. Misovich, a chemical engineering professor who’s been teaching here for around 18 years, told me we did not have chemical engineering emphasis when he came here. He worked with other engineering and chemistry professors to make this happen. 

Now you can be part of this history!!!

Check out this cool page about Engineering at Hope.

If you have ANY question (like are the engineering courses challenging here?), please drop me an email:

By the way, today is really nice day. Friday is always so beautiful! After school, I worked out with my friends and then we played soccer in the field. (Our field now has Wi-Fi coverage as well… just an FYI).

2014-09-19 17.57.17

2014-09-19 17.52.322014-09-19 16.31.472014-09-19 17.41.10

I forgot to mention a very cool thing happened this week. I signed up for the Taekwondo class, and my calculus professor is taking it as well… I will keep updating for this fun activity.

This is all I would love to share this week. Please let me know if you have any question or want to know more about Hope College. Drop me an email at: and follow me on Twitter :)


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