This past weekend, I had the opportunity to see the city from a different perspective. My friend Hannah and I signed up for a riverboat architectural tour of the city. If you are ever in Chicago and wondering what to do, I highly recommend this tour! We were able to sit back, relax, and learn a little history about the buildings along the river. One of the most interesting facts that we learned is that the word “Chicago” is actually derived from a Native American term, which translates to “smelly onion.”

Hannah and I were a little concerned that we were going to get rained on so we purchased some fun ponchos to wear during the boat tour (enjoy the pictures). We took notice to appreciate the blend of old and new architecture that made up the scenery along the river. My personal favorite part of the tour is when we made our way out toward Lake Michigan. At this part of the tour, we were able to stop and take in the sight of one of the the most beautiful city skylines in the world. This tour allowed me to appreciate the buildings I have been walking, running, and biking by in a new way. There is so much history in the city, and it felt good to appreciate the history it took to see the City as it is today. Enjoy the pictures that I took on the tour and I hope one day you can get on a boat and experience it for yourself! Thanks for reading.

Published by Maria Egloff

Class of 2021 Nursing Major Chicago Semester

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