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After my culinary and cuisine course I dashed from my classroom to the Cadorna Train station to hop on the Malpensa Express to take me to the airport. Fighting the clock, we quickly navigated our way to the Gate and even had some time to spare. Soon we were off to Paris! After landing we Ubered to our hotel and called it a night to prepare for our big day on Friday.


We woke up on Friday and headed down to breakfast to get fueled for the day ahead.

At this point most the food was gone but it was delicious. So much fruit, pastries, and the cutest little jams. Oh and there was a coffee and omelet bar.

After breakfast we took the Metro to the Eiffel Tower. It was so much bigger then I thought! And very beautiful.

We then headed to the Louvre and killed some time until our entry. During this time we walked around the garden and went to the Golden Arches (McDonalds) for a snack. Then we got in line and attended the museum.

Once entering the museum we realized quickly how huge it is! There are many floors all full of different styles and regions of artwork. Below are some of my favorites!

The Mona Lisa was a surreal moment. Never did I think I would be able to see this piece in person!
These paintings were in the red room, which could have easily been my favorite room! Full of color and life.
We continued from paintings to sculptures. One of my favorites being Venus de Milo.

After the sculptures, we progressed down beautiful hallways full of more artwork varying from royalty to ancient Egyptian art.

After the Louvre, we went back to the Hotel to charge up for the night. We were planning on seeing the Eiffel sparkling but unfortunately we got there too late and missed it. However, I did get a delicious Carmel and Banana crepe, took a silly picture of Jo on the metro seats, and got to navigate the streets of Paris at night.


We woke up bright and early enjoying yet another hotel breakfast and headed across the Seine River to Notre Dame!

After admiring the beautiful Notre Dame we went to Saint Chapelle, a flower market, Shakespeare and Company, and a delicious Macaroon cafe.

After macaroons we hit the Paris thrifting scene and along the way we spoted the Olympic Games symbol possibly for Paris 2024 hosting.

We then explored the city of Paris a little more until the sun set. Then we went back to the Eiffel Tower and saw it sparkle! We also saw a marathon going on! After the Eiffel Tower, we took a bit of a scenic route back walking past the Arc De Triomphe concluding our day and trip to Paris!!

Honorable mentions: the cool metro signs and thumb statue outside our hotel.

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