Melaka, Malaysia

Last weekend, I had this huge desire to go somewhere on my own, to travel by myself.  I know my independence has grown during my time abroad, but especially since I am living with family, most of my time has been spent with other people and I rarely have had the chance to do anything on my own.  This past weekend, I decided to take the bus from Singapore to Melaka, Malaysia to do some adventuring on my own.  The bus ride was about 5 hours each way so it was a good weekend trip.  I had heard that Melaka is the “Europe of Asia” which was a very fitting description.  The city even has Dutch settler roots and I took a selfie in front of a windmill – it was almost like I was right back in Holland, Michigan!

The town is quite quaint, with a river running through the heart of the town.  I went on a short river boat cruise where I was able to see all the cute cafes, interesting murals, and touristy shops along the river.  I visited an art museum, went in Christ’s Church (built in the 1700’s), saw the colorful trishaws (decorated bicycles the blasted pop music), and spent some time taking pictures in the town square and drinking watermelon juice out of a whole watermelon!  That evening, I ate dinner at a cafe along the river and went to the night market, where vendors sold everything from selfie sticks to coconut water balls.  These pictures will give you a little glimpse into the town of Melaka and my short trip exploring the town.


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