A Slice of Nature Within the City

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, Singapore maintains several large natural areas perfect for enjoying nature.  MacRitchie Reservoir is one of those places, dense with tropical trees and alive with the sounds of monkeys and birds.  My Saturday morning was spent breathing in the humid rainforest air and trying to capture the beauty of Creation on my trusty Nikon.

MacRitchie was packed, with crowds of people enjoying the beautiful morning.  The hiking trails were great, as was the observation tower, but the highlight was the treetop walk.  My friend and I made our way slowly from one end to the other, enjoying the rainforest canopy view and taking advantage of a few selfie spots.  At several points, we could see the city skyline just beyond the trees.  We saw lots of monkeys, who didn’t seem to notice that we were just a few feet away.  After hearing the many “monkey horror stories,” about monkeys scratching, stealing, and ruining electronics, I did remember to keep a bit of distance, even though it was tempting to go closer for pictures!

Exploring and being right there in the middle of a gorgeous natural area was exactly what I needed to rest from the busy week of student teaching.  It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip so far!

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