As my time here abroad is officially coming to an end, I can’t help but feel a mixed bag of emotions upon my departure from London. When leaving the states, one tends to have certain expectations and hopes for the adventures that await them within the next four months. Upon reflection, I can confidently say that all my hopes and expectations were greatly exceeded in every way for which I am so thankful for. 

Exploring the World.

And to all the places I was fortunate enough to go to :

Scotland, thank you for your serene beauty and letting me explore your fanciful lands.  

Paris, thank you for the 22nd birthday party and letting me catch up with a dear friend. 

Ireland, thank you for the camaraderie and letting me encounter some of the friendliness of people while abroad.

Lastly, London, thank you for an adventure of a lifetime that brought me new friends, a new home for four months, further intellectual growth, and to what I believe, brought out a better version of myself.

Thank You.

I feel an immense amount of thankfulness and gratitude to my biggest cheerleaders and supporters of my dreams and passions – my parents. Thank you for further encouraging and supporting my determination to make this semester happen. And to Hope College, thank you for your endless support and guidance you showed me to get me abroad (Study Abroad Office, you know who you are). It truly rocked my world and it will be something that stays with me throughout my life. 

Farewell for now, London.

Published by Julia Dawson

Class of 2022 Exercise Science Major (Pre-PT) IES London, England

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