On Trials, Tribulations, and Change

I am writing on a significant day. Today is the day I would have been home had I stayed in Thailand for the length of my program. In August, I flew bright-eyed and bushy-tailed into a completely different world. I wanted to launch myself into an entirely new and unfamiliar culture… and I got exactly […]

Getting to Class: CMU Style

If the 5 AM sunrise or the screeching birds don’t wake me up before my alarm at 7:30 AM, I consider myself lucky! Once I am able to sit up and open my eyes, I hobble out of my little bedroom and into my dorm’s main room to grab breakfast. Every Monday-Thursday (the days I […]

Guide to Street Food

Ask anyone who has been to Southeast Asia and one of the first things they will probably say is how amazing the food is. In some cases, the food is quite amazing, but one has to be careful in the realm of street food. The standards for health and sanitation are extremely low; every once […]


Before I left for Thailand, I had a few friends who studied abroad give me some advice on weekend travel. They told me that weekends were valuable, and they could either be used to spend time getting to know your city or traveling around to new ones. So far, I have had a healthy mix […]

Rainy Season

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and the rainy season is starting to wrap up! It may be a little too positive of a statement to say that rainy season is almost over, but the seasons are definitely starting to slowly change.  During the whole month of August, the 15-day forecast […]

Good Morning, Vietnam!

Traveling around Southeast Asia is relatively cheap, and quite easy. Taking advantage of this, my friends and I flew to Da Nang, Vietnam, last weekend. After dropping our bags at the Airbnb, we made a beeline to the beach. I didn’t realize how much sitting at the beach would remind me of Lake Michigan. All […]

Time for Thailand

I arrived in Thailand a little over 3 weeks ago on August 10th. Every day since then, I have given thought to what I should share in my first blog post. It hasn’t been the easiest task to decide on what to write about because a lot has happened since I got here. I flew […]