Sophia Vander Kooy ’20 – SIT Jaipur, India

Hello! My name is Sophia Vander Kooy and I am Junior here at Hope. I am originally from Indianapolis and I am excited to moveoutside the Midwest to spend my fall semester in Jaipur, India with the program  “SIT India: Sustainable Development and Social Change.”
For quite sometime now, I have been passionate about learning about the world by embracing as many people as I possibly can. In fact, my interest in meeting, embracing, and ideally, uplifting all who cross my way has played a pivotal role in my life path. I am majoring in Political Science and International Studies and I hope to dedicate my professional career to working with and for victims and survivors of human rights violations. In addition to these passions, I also enjoy running, being outside, writing, reading, and spending time with all kinds of people. As I depart on this journey, I hope you will join me in my quest to connect with more people around our world.
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