Emily Tyner ’21 – TEAN Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hi! My name is Emily Tyner, and I am from Ann Arbor, Michigan! I’m a junior, majoring in Kinesiology. This fall, I am heading to the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, in Thailand.

When I am on campus at Hope, you will find me at the track! I run sprints, hurdles, relays, and throw the javelin. In the spare time that I rarely have, I am an avid rock climber and horseback rider! Photography is another hobby of mine and I am fortunate enough to combine that hobby with a job in the Public Affairs and Marketing Department at Hope. I can’t wait to explore Thailand and share my experience of life abroad through photos and stories.

A question that has come up frequently as I prepare myself for my semester abroad is, “why am I excited to study abroad?” To all the people who have asked, and to the ones who will ask… I am excited to study abroad because it is an opportunity for me to remove myself from my personal comfort bubble. It is a chance for me to go out into the world and learn! I can’t wait to grow in a culture vastly different than my own, and learn how to accept change along the way.

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