The city of Guanajuato

3553454450_0e6b062fb5_zThe city of Guanajuato is beautiful, it is my first time in the city. The host family that I was put into is very warm and open. My host family’s home is in the hills of Guanajuato; which is why I can see the city of Guanajuato from the terrace. I actually have to walk 20 minutes to get to the CIEE office, it definitely is a lot of exercise. So far we had meetings everyday at the CIEE office. We have already done a scavenger hunt race around the city with other students. Yesterday we met with all the foreign exchange students and the nationals from other parts of México who are studying at the University of Guanajuato this semester. The host spoke very clear as to the distinction between foreigners and nationals, he said “raise your hand if you are a foreigner which means you are not Mexican.” I didn’t know whether to raise my hand or not, even that simple question had me thinking because my nationality is Mexican but I do come from a US university. This is one of many questions that I will be asking myself during my stay here. I am so excited to start classes already, I want to meet the students and the professors. I have not yet been inside the University of Guanajuato, but I have to climb “Las escalinatas” (the stairs leading up to the building in the picture). I look forward to learning more about the history and literature of México.

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