Living with a Host Parent

One of the best components of my study abroad program was living with a host parent.

I am super blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and live with my host mom. She is energetic, personable, and extremely kind. She was interested in me and my life, and she even opened up her home to my parents, and my boyfriend, for a meal when they visited! Not to mention, she even made me a Thanksgiving dinner!

She and I spoke French in our household, which was an incredible learning opportunity, as I finally had the excuse to learn and use certain words that would not be used in formal, academic discussions (i.e. dishwasher). In addition to speaking French, we would play scrabble, so as to help me learn different vocabulary and verb conjugations (however, I will admit that both of us were stumped whenever we received the letters “q” and “z”).

She integrated me into her life, even allowing me to meet her children on multiple occasions, go on hikes with her friends, and join her when she had friends and family over for dinner! These experiences were extremely special to me because they made Switzerland tangibly feel more like a home, as each person would talk with me about their life growing up in Switzerland or how current events impacted their day-to-day affairs.

My host mom helped make my study abroad experience more personal, and I remain grateful for having the opportunity to live with her and establish a long-lasting friendship with her! If you are planning on studying abroad, I highly encourage you to consider living with a host family because it will enhance your overall experience!

Published by Juliana Struyk

Class of 2023 Political Science Major and French Minor SIT Geneva, Switzerland

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