I don’t know about you

But I’m feeling 22

-Taylor Swift, 22

On January 23, 2022, I turned 22. Turning 18 and 20 was nerve wracking because these numbers signified the beginning of adulthood in the US and Japan, respectively; and turning 21 was thrilling because it meant that I had finally reached the legal age for drinking in the US. But turning 22? Frankly, I was not expecting much. One thing I can say now is that I WAS WRONG! I had one of the best birthdays ever:)

One advantage of growing up in two countries is that I get to celebrate my birthday for two days because of the time difference. On January 22, I started getting sweet birthday messages from my family members and friends in Japan. The next day, on my actual birthday, my flatmates had a series of surprises prepared for me. 

Warm and fudgy:)
Warm and fudgy:)

It started out with a homemade brownie with melting candle wax… haha:)) They asked me where I wanted to go for dinner. Of course, being indecisive, I could not make the decision, so I asked them to surprise me. And oh my goodness! They took me to an incredibly beautiful restaurant! The place they took me, located in the heart of Dublin, was the Bank Bar and Restaurant, which used to be a functioning bank that was renovated into an elegant restaurant with chandeliers and live piano music. For some reason, as soon as we arrived, the waiter invited us into a private room and my jaw dropped. Take a look at this! Isn’t it so gorgeous? 

Unanimously, we rated the restaurant five out of five (a silly tradition Alex, one of my flatmates, started). I ordered the fish and chips and a cocktail called Flirtini and they were all so delicious. My friends sang 22 by Taylor Swift for me and at the end, the waiter brought me a birthday cake. It was a special night to say the least. I am so blessed to have met these amazing flatmates and I cannot wait to spend three more months with them.

My flatmates
My flatmates

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