A Typical Week in Singapore

Whenever someone asks me, “What do you think of Singapore so far?”, I’m never quite sure what to answer. Even though I’ve been here almost a month, the experience so far was basically a surface-level, touristy view of Singapore (hence the Singaporientation blog) and settling into the daily cycle of classes, eating, and studying.

Sorry, doesn’t sound so exciting for future study abroad students, right? But after the honeymoon period of studying abroad ends, that crosswalk is no longer a crosswalk in Singapore but a normal crosswalk, not the famous hawker center, but just another place to eat. It’s kind of sad, but after this liminal period, I do feel like I’ve moved onto a new stage: reality. Many people have this idea that reality is dull, but to be fair, reality is as interesting as it gets.

The following are my day-to-day adventures:


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