Xronia Polla

Hello everyone!

Despite what you might believe about my health/safety on account of my prolonged and unexplained absence, I am happy and healthy and not overly stressed (the ‘elusive three’ in undergraduate life). I’ve been out of the game for so long because we took a wonderful field trip to Northern Greece, had a week of midterms, then spring break began. I just returned from a six day Parisian excursion which was truly lovely. With all this travel, you would think I could easily whip up half a dozen posts complete with pictures, catchy titles, and funny stories. I have all three things in my arsenal (ok maybe not so many catchy titles), even so, I am not quick to blog them, or share them with my family, or email my friends; I am not very good at keeping others updated. I suppose it comes from the feeling that I can’t do a memory justice until I reproduce every last detail. And each memory is inlaid in the culture, the people, the place. To quickly explain these things without giving extraordinary background info seems unjust.

Nevertheless, I’ll try to do a quick update of the last three weeks. I truly have experienced the heights of beauty in both Greece and France, I have seen great art, eaten good food, and made remarkable friends. See for yourself:

Great Art:

*goes to Paris* *still looks at Greek art* (Winged Victory – Louvre, Paris)


Beautiful porcelain fireplace in a 300 year old home in Northern Greece.

Good Food:

Lovely lunch on the top of the Pompidou museum in Paris. If you’re curious, I did eat the violets.
This face says, “I cannot believe the perfection of this pain au chocolat.”

Remarkable Friends:

This is Kalya – my travel buddy and flat mate. She has an almost eerie sense of direction, a wicked humor, and is a great conversationalist. Here we are eating lunch on the Seine.

That’s all for now! I’ll join the chorus of the other off-campus bloggers by saying, “I can’t believe I only have one month left.”

And I’ll join the chorus of Greeks this Holy Week by saying, “Xronia Polla!” Many Years to you!

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