Outsiders View (with Insider’s Info)

My parents visited me here in Spain for the Holy Week celebrations here, and there are a few things that surprised/entertained/ shocked them, so I thought all y’all might be interested to hear them:

Wifi Gratis

Wee- fee: This is how Spainards say wifi. In the eloquent words of my mother, “It sounds like pee pee!”

Table heater:  Because of the lack of central heating, they use very long table cloths and then have a heater underneath the table. The table cloth then doubles as a blanket and holds in the precious heat. It is very cozy and efficient.

City personality:  My parents were a little worried that the cities would be very Americanized. ImageWhile we did see our fair share of American brands and the occasional McDonald’s or Starbucks, they were very contented with the unique character of the cities we visited.

Walk-ability: They had heard about ease of walking in European cities and the fact that everyone walks almost everywhere.

Personal space: I’m so glad I warned them about this. For example, we were sitting on a beach looking at the med and a couple guys can up looking over the fence RIGHT next to us.

People in the streets: My parents couldn’t stop commenting on how many people were in the streets, even when there weren’t processions to celebrate Holy Week. This is because Spaniards in general really to spend much more time outside their houses than normal Americans. Almost all social interactions occur outside the house.

This is a close-up of a paso or a “float” of the religious processions that occur in Spain during Holy Week.
Here is a similar paso out during the procession.

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