If you know me personally, perhaps you would describe me as a serious person. Definitely not rebellious. Maybe a little bit of a party pooper? 

Those of you who know me, you might have to update your impression of me. On Friday, I did something incredibly wild (in my opinion)! With three of my flatmates, at 2:30pm, I took a bus to Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Side note: Who knew the U.K. was only a bus ride away from Dublin.) The purpose of this day trip was to do a thrilling movie night at the Crumlin Road Gaol, a former prison with 150 years of history. The night started out with delicious dinner at their on-site restaurant. Soon after, we were led on a paranormal tour around the prison. Take a look at these pictures. 

The oddest part of the tour was when we were each put into small rooms where female prisoners used to change in. Alone in the space, we were instructed to stare at one part of our face in the mirror quietly and see if that part of our face begins to look deformed. I thought to myself, “What in the world am I doing? Why am I staring at my face in a jail on a Friday night?” But then…. I felt something crawling in my lower legs. Yes, I’m probably overthinking this. Although it was enough to freak me out…

After the mysterious tour, we watched the movie, the Shining, in the movie room at the prison. It was my first time watching this horror movie, but oh man, it was freaky, bizarre, and terrifyingly entertaining! After a long 2-hour bus ride, I finally arrived home at 4am. I hope I didn’t bring back any ghosts to Dublin :). Most importantly, now I can tell my friends back in the states that I did something wild! 

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