After three night-shifts at the hospital, two classes, commuting through a blizzard, and a celebratory pizza run, I’m happy to say my first official week in Chicago was a success!

When beginning anything new, there can be a mix of both excitement and apprehension. Earlier this week, I found myself having excitement for the opportunity to learn in Chicago and apprehension towards the unknown. Thankfully, my first shift at the hospital put my mind at ease. I was greeted by an amazing nursing staff who were clearly committed to my education and wanted to see me succeed. Furthermore, my patients inspired me. They reminded me why I’ve chosen to participate in this internship opportunity. Yes, it is great to be in the city, live in my own apartment, and meet new people, but most of all it is for them. They fight many battles every day, and this internship will best prepare me to serve them well. 

Walk Home From Internship

My first week has proven to be full of growth, joy, and challenge. As someone once told me, most things worthwhile are challenging. Here’s to three more months of growth, opportunity, and exploration in the Windy City. I’m excited to share more of my experiences with you in the near future. Thanks for reading!

Published by Maria Egloff

Class of 2021 Nursing Major Chicago Semester

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