Abigail Kroening ’20 – IES Dublin, Ireland

Hi! My name is Abigail and I think my soul belongs on the wind swept hills and glens of Ireland. My heart has been wanting me to go to Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland for a long time now; for I grew up reading books like Wuthering Heights and Oliver Twist. I was raised watching classic films or short series like Pride and Prejudice and Little Dorrit that make me long to be walking the city streets or somewhere where rolling hills of wildflowers can be found.
I grew up all but two years of my life in Kenya before I moved to the United States for college. It was a culture not my own and I am so grateful for the way it shaped my worldview. I am currently a Sociology major and Music and Religion minor at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. I am thrilled to be getting the chance to study Irish Studies in Dublin, Ireland through the IES program. So here I am ever so excited and nervous to build new relationships, see incredible landscapes, and experience the historical aura and beautiful people of Dublin.