How My Average Day Looked Like as Study Abroad Student

My day started usually early morning, because I was living 20-30 minutes by bus from the school. When I woke up, my host mom prepared the breakfast. She put bowl and cereals on the table. Living with a host family is a lot about communicating what I wanted, so she always asked me what time I […]

What I Call Home During My Stay in Santiago

Most students’ host families lived in little houses, but there were some who lived in an apartment buildings, including myself.  Most students, like 95% lived in these three neighborhoods: Providencia, Nunua or Las Condes. I lived in Nunoa, very close to Plaza de Nunua, which is the roughly the middle of Nunoa. Just so one can […]

Intensive Spanish for Business Students

Coming back to my classes, this class was the only one I did not take through FEN or University of Chile. It was provided by the organization that I managed the whole the semester abroad. Comparing it to my previous Spanish classes, it was very different. We had only one workbook. We did not have a […]


Bomberos are local firefighters and they are definitely worth of mentioning because the story behind them is amusing. Bomberos were established in 1970 at Santiago, Chile, and they are all volunteers. In one of my classes, we had a presentation about Bomberos and the life style is very similar to fraternity house in colleges and […]

CIEE Center of Santiago

The center, in my case in Santiago, manages the whole program. The CIEE in Maine only selects candidates. The center picks home families, is in touch with the university, takes care of all the paper work, organizes trips (including the one to Patagonia) and solve problems. They actually do a lot of things for you, […]

San Pedro and Atacama Desert

Have you ever saw the pictures? Let me tell you something about it. This San Pedro, but most people imagine Atacama desert. This desert is the driest desert in the world. Atacama desert has not received a significant rain from 1570 to 1971. This is a good news because when you will be studying in Chile and […]

Public Transporation Musicians and Performers in Santiago

Similarly to the salesmen, the bus performers are on almost every bus ride, but they are much less annoying than the salesmen. There is whole range of the bus performers, from singers, poets, speakers or just something they would make bloopers on America’s Got Talent. They usually bring a microphone and a speaker on the bus. […]

Chilean Transition to Real Life

If anything in Chile is completely different compare to United States or Europe, then it is how young people get or “try” to get independent from their parents. In Chile it is normal or even I would say it is a standard that the children lives with their parents until one is 28, 29 or […]