Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso is a beautiful cost city in Chile only 1.5 hours from Santiago. It was founded in 1536 and it has roughly population of one million people. Valparaiso or Valpo is a very important strategic city in Chile because it has large seaport. Besides all these “boring” information, Valpo has an amazing view at the […]

Lider and Walmart Connection in Chile

Does this yellow symbol remind you of something? If not, then Walmart has the same symbol. Lider was established as Chilean hypermarket chain in 1893, but in 2009 it was bought by Walmart and they very interesting “relationship”, which is very similar what I experience in Czech. What Walmart does is that many times what […]

Bus and Subway Businessmen

When you travel in Santiago via public transportation you have a lot of other company other than passengers. You get to meet a lot of performers, whom I will talk next post and a lot of businessmen or salesmen. The salesmen sell literally a whole range of products. There are two types of them. The […]

Costanera Center

It is the highest building in South America and ironically it is located in Chile, a country with 500+ earthquakes a year. Costanera Center is truly an architecture beauty. Just look at it. Costanera Center or Grand Torre Santiago is used for two purposes: business and commercial purposes. It has a six-floor shopping mall, which, by the way, already had […]

Capturing the Nature of Patagonia at Chiloé With a Video Post

Castro is the biggest city in Chiloé and on the last day, the sun finally came out, after three days of fog and rain. Because the nature is many times hard to capture just by picture, here are two videos of our walk on the beach on the morning before breakfast:

Hope College Factor: Voluntery Action in Chiloé

Besides visiting Chiloé’s biggest attractions like city Castro, Museums, UNESCO churches or National Park, we did a volunteer work as well. We were painting classrooms in local elementary school. The day started very early in the morning because we had drove to the school. When we arrived to school, we lined up and introduced ourselves […]