My Journey Home

Everything great in life comes with sacrifices, and my study abroad is not an exception. Since I am an international student from the Czech Republic, I had mixed up all my flights, which resulted in extremely long journey home. I am very sure that I am not only one who has to travel 40 hours home. I fly from Santiago to Detroit via Atlanta and then from Grand Rapids to Prague via Chicago and London.  So as you can see below, being international student and studying abroad comes with some sacrifices. Below I did the math and I will travel almost half of the equator length to go home.

  • Santiago to Atlanta = 7616 km; Atlanta to Detroit = 963 km; Grand Rapids to Chicago = 201 km; Chicago to London = 6360 km; and London to Prague = 1036 km
  • Total of : 16,176 km or 10,051.3 miles, which is like a direct flight from Rome, Italy to Sydney, Australia
  • Length of Equator: 40,075 km
  • 850 km/h (average speed of airplane) / 16,176 km = 19.0305 hours in plane.
  • 40 hours in the air, at the airport or in the car.
  • Out of 120 hours, I will spend 40 of them on my travel.
  • On the good side, I have a lot of time to read and write blog posts.
Aircraft landing on runway
Aircraft landing on runway
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