Intensive Spanish for Business Students

Coming back to my classes, this class was the only one I did not take through FEN or University of Chile. It was provided by the organization that I managed the whole the semester abroad. Comparing it to my previous Spanish classes, it was very different. We had only one workbook. We did not have a textbook where the grammar was explained. They already expected that you know the basics of it. During the semester we had:

  1. Three tests
  2. Two presentations
  3. One Essay

In my opinion the class was less about learning the structure of Spanish, but more about practicing. We were going over some tenses and subjective, but the professor spent much less time on it, than in United States. Most of it was practicing it and speaking it.

The presentations were verbal as well. The first presentation was about a comparison of something from home country to Chile. The second one was favorite song. In both presentations, the professor graded mistakes that one made during presenting, which showed that the class was more based on speaking.

I just wished we got to learn more about business type of Spanish than we did. Otherwise, I liked that class a lot.

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