What I Call Home During My Stay in Santiago

Most students’ host families lived in little houses, but there were some who lived in an apartment buildings, including myself.  Most students, like 95% lived in these three neighborhoods: Providencia, Nunua or Las Condes. I lived in Nunoa, very close to Plaza de Nunua, which is the roughly the middle of Nunoa. Just so one can imagine, just Nunoa has over 100,000 people, so when I say neighborhood, I mean a neighborhood that takes 30-40 min to drive from south to north.

I was living in an apartment building that was really close Pizza Hut, which was great for orientation purposes. I just said, I live close to Pizza Hut at Nunua and most people knew where it is. My apartment building was 18 floors tall and it had swimming pool on the roof in 16th and 15th floor. Also, it had a barbeque area in 15 floor and small gym in the first floor. This was very unique and luxury that most students did not have. I was lucky to live in building like that.

The apartment itself was very small, but since only I and my host mom lived there, it does not need to be bigger.

That was our kitchen / dinning room.
That was our kitchen / dining room
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