Transitioning From Study Abroad (Off-Campus Study) to Hope College

The transition is from Chile to Hope is actually quite extensive. I will spend two days in Hope College and both of them will be full of meetings.

Firstly, I will have to talk to Registrant office about transferring all 16 credits from University de Chile to Hope College. I have to fill out bunch of paperwork to manage which credits will count to which degree, etc. Secondly, I need signature of all department chairs and advisor.

Secondly, I am meeting with my advisor to register for spring semester classes and major changes.

Thirdly, I am meeting with housing regarding my room and board situation. I have already received an email and preregistered to Cook Hall, but I have to make a decision. This means I will meet with my potential roommate, residential director and if I like it, I will fill out another paperwork. Also, if the room will be available, I will try to move in, so I have less work to do when I come back.

Fourthly, I am meeting with a ice hockey head coach, to talk about the second semester.

Fifthly, I am meeting with the Career Development Center regarding my cover letter and CV.

Lastly, I am meeting my admissions representative for a lunch.

It is a lot of work, paperwork, but it is completely worth it for the experience for study abroad.

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