The Reflection of My Study Abroad in Santiago, Chile

On November 25, my study abroad was ending and I am heading home. A lot of happened during 180 days at Chile here are couple thoughts to perspective students why study abroad was a great choice.

I went to a Chile, which is a country with completely different values and culture because I wanted to experience a completely different behavior and mindset. It worked out great. Looking back, I had more of a culture adapting to Chile, than when I was adapting to United States culture from Europe. It was even worse for me because generally Chilean have completely opposite character than I, but completely worth it. Dealing and working with people and culture that is so different and opposite of my personality, was one of the most valuable experiences than from my study abroad. If you are deciding to study abroad, you should definitely go to country like than. It does not necessary has to be Chile. There are plenty other countries like that, Japan, Argentina, Brazil. If you are an American going to Europe, than yes you will have amazing time and everything, but you do not get to experience what I did, which is an extremely valuable experience to have in the long term.

Secondly, the language. My Spanish went up. When I come back to Hope, I will be taking Spanish V or VI, which is pretty good for not taking any Spanish classes at Hope College (I took Spanish for 3 years in high school). This also, saves me a lot of time and credits because if I will pass Spanish V, I am going to get credits for Spanish I, II, III, IV, and V, which is 20 credits. That is not a bad deal for having an amazing time in Chile, right? It allows me to take another language, which will be Russian.

Lastly, it was eye-opening experience. I tasted different food. Met with people all around the world. I met first people for Australia. I saw different nature. I lived a different culture, which greatly benefits the view on my own culture. Simply put, I got to experience something completely different.

Overall, I feel extremely positive and blessed that I did it. I would recommend study abroad to anyone.

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