An Internship Abroad | LivItaly Tours

Studying abroad opens up a lot of experiences that wouldn’t usually be available in the average semester at college. One aspect of the program with IES is the chance to apply for a part-time internship. While doing an internship in itself can be done any semester at home, interning abroad provides the opportunity to experience the […]

Happy Birthday, Rome!

On Friday, Rome celebrated it’s 2,770th birthday! The official founding date of Rome is April 21st, 753 B.C. All weekend there were historical re-enactments culminating in a huge parade reminding me that the Roman people truly cherish and take pride in the rich history of the city they call home. The Most Brief History of […]

Spring Is Here and So Were My Parents!

I was lucky enough to spend my spring break traveling in Italy with my parents! We started in Rome and toured the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. It’s hard to describe visiting a place that holds such renowned artwork and museums showcasing items that span a longer period of time than Christianity itself. The next […]

Weekend in Switzerland

Sharon Creech is one of my favorite authors. Of all of her books I read in the library growing up, one of my favorites is Bloomability. The novel follows Dinnie as she navigates living with her aunt and uncle in a new country and attending an American boarding school in Lugano, Switzerland. She tackles homesickness, goes on […]

Rome: First Impressions

It’s hard to sum up one week of a somewhat overwhelming amount of new things, but I’ll use pictures to make up for a lack of words. After three hours of sitting on the plane waiting for Delta’s computer system to come back online, the flight from Atlanta to Rome went smoothly. Even from the air, Italy […]

Ready to Grow

Hope’s campus is back to life with students, classes, and activities as usual, but I am still at home waiting for my semester to begin. This spring I will be studying abroad in Rome, Italy, with IES. Orientation week begins on January 30. It’s weird talking with my friends at Hope, knowing exactly what I’m missing […]

Transitioning From Study Abroad (Off-Campus Study) to Hope College

 The transition is from Chile to Hope is actually quite extensive. I will spend two days in Hope College and both of them will be full of meetings. Firstly, I will have to talk to Registrant office about transferring all 16 credits from University de Chile to Hope College. I have to fill out […]

The Reflection of My Study Abroad in Santiago, Chile

On November 25, my study abroad was ending and I am heading home. A lot of happened during 180 days at Chile here are couple thoughts to perspective students why study abroad was a great choice. I went to a Chile, which is a country with completely different values and culture because I wanted to experience […]