How My Average Day Looked Like as Study Abroad Student

My day started usually early morning, because I was living 20-30 minutes by bus from the school. When I woke up, my host mom prepared the breakfast. She put bowl and cereals on the table. Living with a host family is a lot about communicating what I wanted, so she always asked me what time I was waking up next day, so she can get ready. After the breakfast, I did my morning hygiene and went to a bus station. I was lucky to live only few seconds from a bus station. The best bus to take was either bus 513 or 403. Also I could take bus 514,505 or 508, but they took little bit different route, so they would make from 30 minute ride a 40 minute one, but I get me to the same place.

Then I had classes and based on a schedule I was taking my work out clothing, so many times I was going to the gym between classes. I ate my lunch either at school or at home. If I ate my lunch at school, my host mom packed into a plastic box and I microwaved it. We all did it like that and actually most of the Chileans do it too, so it felt like elementary school all over again. Many times there was a line for microwave. After the school, I went home or the first six weeks, I had an internship, so I was going home.

If I want went home, I did my homework or study for a test. After the diners, we meet up with friends and just hang out somewhere. If we would not have homework, we also hang out after the school. Since we had a school next day, we were not up all night, so I was in bed by 11 p.m. or midnight.

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