The First Snow Has Arrived!

The first snow always brings two sentiments to the students. The first one is comforting, because snow makes campus even more beautiful and it creates the true Christmas atmosphere. Especially with all the Christmas lights around campus starting to shine. The second feeling is negative. The first snow is a clear sign of a beginning of a […]

Pretty as a Picture

My parents came to visit me this past weekend and we spent Saturday walking around Holland, eating good food, and enjoying each others company. As the day wore on and the weather reports kept updating, my dad became increasingly concerned about leaving as late as they had originally planned on with the impending snow storm. […]

Back To School, Snowpocalypse, Africa Oh My!

Well, the first week of the spring semester is finished. To top it off, it finished on a great note because we have a SNOWDAY TODAY! For those of you who don’t remember, the weather was like this exactly one year ago. It was so bad that people coined the term, “Snowpocalypse 2014.” I definitely […]

Rushing through the Storm

In the first days of classes, I have been walking from class to class with my head down, battling the bitter cold and icy wind. I walk briskly as I try to get away from the never-ending snowfall and consuming gusts of wind tangled with snow. As I take on that mannerism, I seem to […]

A Snowy Midnight Stroll with Friends

Winter has arrived at Hope College! The snow is falling; our room has been decorated for Christmas for a whole week awaiting it’s arrival. Naturally, on this snowy Saturday night, we watched a few Christmas movies (Deck the Halls and The Santa Clause 3 🙂 ). Afterwards, spotting the falling snow, we shoved on boots, pulled […]

The First Snowfall of the Year!

Whether we like it or not, Mother Nature made an appearance to Holland and the greater West Michigan area. The snow is here folks, and it’s here to stay until the spring. People have and will continue to complain about, and some people will obsess over it, but as for myself, I’m in the middle. […]

It Held Off, But Now It’s Here! Welcome, Snow!

Well, Hope College, it held off for as long as possible, but it’s finally here! The first snow! Waking up this morning, I was like a little kid on Christmas. The snow put me in a great mood, and as I was walking to class this morning, the white puffy flakes brought me back to […]

#Snowpocalypse Part 2

Happy Wednesday to all! I made it to the halfway point of this week. I never thought this would happen assuming how cold it’s been. This week, West Michigan experienced a Polar Vortex thing. As I mentioned in my first #Snowpocalypse blog, Hope College cancelled class at noon last Friday because of deteriorating weather. From […]


From frigid arctic air, ice, and ungodly amounts of snow, Hope College has endured so much already this semester. I’m pretty sure that this fine institution has made HISTORY. Why? 2½ snow days in ONE SEMESTER. This school never closes because of snow because we’re a residential college. Meaning, the majority of students live on-campus, and […]

Hodgepodge of Things/SNOW DAY!

We are closing up on the third of week of this semester, and this semester finally slapped me in the face. My homework levels have skyrocketed, my extra-curriculars are finally up and running, and my clinical is in full swing. But before I say more, I NEED you to watch this YouTube clip. You’ll hate […]