A Letter on Faith, Part One

Over the past few weeks I’ve been throwing the word “trust” around in my head, but it makes my mind swirl. I’ve been busy with difficult classes and work and Bible studies and friends and God, trying to figure out how it all fits together. And the truth is, I don’t know. But what’s been […]

The final fall, but the best beginning

Hey, Hope. I’m back again in the best way. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a Communication major and a Leadership minor. I’m a junior, but I’m graduating in May 2016. I’m originally from Iowa. And I’ve been busy with everything that is good, but the things that are good are sometimes overwhelming. […]

Redemption’s Story

When I first wrote this post, it took me about five hours to complete and was over 5,000 words. That meant 99.99% of you would never read it, and most professors would most likely skim. So, I scrapped my first draft, and I’m starting from the beginning. I arrived back in Holland at 10:15am Saturday […]

This Feels Like Home

I arrived home on Friday; I’ll be here for a week and two days. It feels different being home, even though most things have remained the same. There’s one building on the downtown strip that’s been demolished and there’s different pillows on the chairs on my front porch. There are many more things that have […]

Ambiguous Clockwork

We’re good at forgetting, but we’re better at remembering. I’ve heard people say time changes us, but I can’t say I agree. I don’t really think it’s time that changes us – I think it’s us who change the time. We sometimes say we want things to never change. It comes mostly during the nights […]

Go for Broke

I’ve been praying a lot. But before that happened, I went on an adventure tonight. I hung out with friends, ate some food, went to a business meeting, saw love take shape in a bunch of different ways, and felt the cold weather we thought was gone for good creep back into our community. And […]

Just a Train of Thought

I’m sitting in the library at a table on the first floor near the Cup and Chaucer by myself, and I might be alone, but I’m not lonely. The rain is falling against the window, quietly, but it’s just loud enough for background noise. A girl across the room keeps shouting, “Want to take a […]

We Hope for Certainty, But We Stand in Fear

There are times we wait for courage, but it never really comes. Sometimes we wait for peace, or pure knowledge, or steadfast trust, but we lack the capacity with our mind and heart to accept it. We’re hoping for certainty while stand in fear, our knees knocking, teeth chattering, stress pumping through our veins. There’s […]

I Found You at 5,000 Feet

We explored the world from a mile high. We free climbed giant rocks, learned to love like Jesus, met a professional fighter, obtained a free t-shirt, slept on air mattresses that didn’t inflate, took partially cold showers, and ate a lot of PB&J. We swept sidewalks, talked a lot, and learned the truth behind what […]

Why Drinking a Slushie in 7 Degree Weather Was Good For My Ego

I was drinking a slushie today in the parking lot of Holland State Park. I know that sounds kind of weird, but it’s actually an experience I take part in on a semi-regular basis. It was a 20 oz ICEE, to be exact, and it was one sale for only $1 from the Meijer convenient […]