Bible Journaling

I believe that there are many languages in life. Of course there’s the spoken one- English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, etc. In my mind I see many other languages too: love languages, the language in actions, and different learning languages; these are all different ways that we go about life. They’re a part of who […]

2,014 is more than a number

I’m not a mathematician, but I can tell you, a number holds so much value. When I think about the year 2014, I consider it to be so much more than a number. Looking back at the weeks and months in which I faced significant challenges, I can hear the echoes of my disappointment, anger, […]

Breaking out of the Bubble to Grow :)

I have been on Hope’s campus for about 21 days now and already I am in love with this bubble. The beautiful campus, the hammocks in the Pine Grove, the always present squirrels (oh so many squirrels)—everything about it is wonderful. In addition to that, I am always around the academic minded, a vastly Christian […]