Chicago Day Trip!!!

I haven’t written you all a blog in quite a while now that fellow blogger, Marvin, and I have been doing some video blogs about campus buildings! If you haven’t seen them, you should check them out! Anyways, last weekend I had quite an adventure that I thought I would share with everyone. My housemates […]

Relaxing Break in Ludington

I think it’s safe so say that Fall is in full-swing now with this cool weather and the leaves changing colors on trees! With Fall comes one huge perk besides apple cider and donuts: FALL BREAK! Every year it seems as though this break comes at the absolute perfect time—right when people need a few […]

The Perks of Living Downtown

Happy October!!! As this week wraps up I thought I would write about the perks of living downtown during my Senior year. First of all, after living in dorms for two years and an apartment right on campus Junior year, I was ready for moving somewhere more off-campus yet still “on-campus.” A bunch of friends […]

Critical Issues Symposium 2014

Hello all! This past week has been pretty exciting. For one, the weather has been pretty warm so that’s always a bonus! Second, classes were cancelled on Wednesday because the Critical Issues Symposium took place. If you are unaware what CIS is, it is a day dedicated to focusing on a specific topic affecting the […]

Summer of Adventures

With week one and two down, people are starting to get into the swing of everything and creating a momentum with classwork and other responsibilities. As for me, I’m figuring out a routine as well but I’ve also been reflecting on the summer and how quickly it went by. Here are a few of the […]

Vienna: Now or Never

Welcome back, everyone! This past May, Marvin (one of our fellow bloggers!!!) and I had the chance to go to Vienna to study abroad. It was such a great experience overall and since we were both planning on writing about our time there, we thought we would share this post and break up our experiences! […]

Finishing Up Junior Year

Tomorrow is the last day of Junior Year!!!! I seriously cannot believe I am nearly a senior now. I still feel like I’m just finishing up freshman year and moving out of Dykstra. When people say college goes by fast, they were NOT kidding. This past year has brought on some serious struggles and frustration, […]

Need Help With Your Writing?

Happy April! I can’t believe it’s already April, especially with this bipolar weather we’ve been having lately. With the end of classes approaching, stress of finals and final projects is increasing. On top of that I have my personal statement that I need to write for graduate school. Although it technically isn’t due until I […]