Roommate and Housing Selection

I think everyone knows a person who is very competitive. Luckily for me, I roomed with one person the second semester of my first year, who is extremely competitive. It is very unfortunate because I am highly competitive and we both hate to lose. It was on Tuesday during the Spring Break, when I, my […]

DORM options for MEN

Hey future Men of Hope College, Some of you have been asking about the dorm/residential hall options that Hope has and what they are like. Due to that, I want to write to tell you about the different “feel” of each of the dorms. This is important because you will be filling out housing in […]

The Perks of Living Downtown

Happy October!!! As this week wraps up I thought I would write about the perks of living downtown during my Senior year. First of all, after living in dorms for two years and an apartment right on campus Junior year, I was ready for moving somewhere more off-campus yet still “on-campus.” A bunch of friends […]