Next Stop: Austria

The second place my family and I traveled while on my midterm break was Salzburg, Austria. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the city, it was the city where one of the most famous movies ever was filmed – The Sound of Music! I have vivid memories from when I was younger of […]

Euroadventure 1

Hey all! About last week, my fellow blogger and friend Leslie Kempers and I collaborated and wrote a blog on our adventures during the Vienna Summer School! If you want to read it (which I suggest you do!) here is the link! CLICK HERE!! The program has two sessions, May Term and June Term. Leslie […]

Vienna: Now or Never

Welcome back, everyone! This past May, Marvin (one of our fellow bloggers!!!) and I had the chance to go to Vienna to study abroad. It was such a great experience overall and since we were both planning on writing about our time there, we thought we would share this post and break up our experiences! […]