Taking the SIT Tanzania mascot for a tour around Kilifi
Taking the SIT Tanzania mascot for a tour around Kilifi

Our free time around Kilifi was far and few in between, but we made sure to make the most of it. Activities in the immediate area included tuk tuk rides around town, trips to one of the local beaches (sometimes waaay too early), walks through the mangroves, and rides on the Waka Waka, which was a traditional sailboat operating out of the channel. Being on the Hope College sailing team, the latter was definitely my favorite.

I’ve always loved to fish, and so it’s only natural that I would put out my feelers to try and source local opportunity. We got lucky with our guide back from our Mida Creek excursion. This guide just happened to know a few captains who agreed to take us out for a day of sport fishing at a nice price. The boats were a bit smaller than we were used to, especially given the swell, but it was well worth it.

We ended up bringing back the biggest mahi mahi back to Makuti Villas for their chefs to prepare. Anything extra, which ended up being most of the fish, was a gift for their hospitality.

Dr. Rose managed to arrange a day trip to Mombasa on our behalf. Mombasa is a large port city just over an hour South of Kilifi and contains a very rich history. Throughout the last 400 years, Mombasa has changed hands from the locals, to the Portuguese, to the Arabs, to the Germans, to the British, and now back to the locals. As part of our trip, we got to see Fort Jesus, visit the historical Portuguese district, shop at the oldest spice market in Tanzania, and visit Haller Park with all of its exotic animals.

The hippo on the right in the picture above is an adult female. Before Haller Park, she was kept as a pet until one day she threw a temper tantrum and crushed the family volkswagen!

Below are some extra videos showcasing some excursions in greater detail, enjoy!

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