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Aussie Slang Lesson Week 9: Mozzie = Mosquito

It was a big week here on the Gold Coast! Midterms have concluded, so we get a small reprieve until we have to start buckling down for finals. Being halfway through the semester is bonkers. I can tell how much time has passed by the weather; it’s changing from spring to summer here, so it is getting hotter and more humid. We are hitting the high 70s! The UV has been hitting 8, 10, and 11 in recent days, making it near impossible to avoid sunburns.

To celebrate, we sang some karaoke. Marisa and I showed the Goldie some classic Carrie Underwood.

I have never liked singing in front of crowds before, so this has been a fun bit of personal growth for me.

Our weekend started with the beach in the morning. There was no wind and the UV was 10, so I was not enjoying myself. Our program director on Goldie ground through TEAN had a “sausage sizzle” for us for lunch. He cooked chicken legs, sausages for snags (a sausage with a piece of bread for a bun), and kangaroo steaks. Kangaroo tastes a lot like beef steak, and sadly, I do really enjoy it. It’s my roommates dream to cook ‘roo before we leave, so I am interested to see how that will turn out with two novice chefs.

The big event this weekend was a free country music festival right down the road from our apartment in Broadbeach! We enjoyed sets from Darlinghurst, Kristy Lee Akers, and more. The music was a little different than the country music I’m used to in the States, but as a country music lover (sorry mom and dad), I enjoyed sitting under a tent and listening with my friends. It was fun to go back and forth from the beach to the concert. I snapped my first turn on the surfboard this afternoon! It was the best surf day I’ve had to date. I’m getting better at feeling the rush of water beneath my board and understanding how the wave is going to act: finding the balance on the board and moving with the wave rather than against it. Despite this, I still have some brilliant bruises to show for my efforts.


This weekend was of course, also, Halloween. Halloween, while being a large deal in the states, does not carry the same weight here. Some kids will trick or treat, and people will dress up occasionally, but for the most part, it’s just decorations here. If you are a person who wears multiple Halloween costumes, loves giving kids candy, or the general spookiness of the holiday, it is significantly less than the States, which is understandable. Despite Halloween not being the same, us Americans decided to dress up on Saturday night. A bunch of us girls went as Harry Potter characters. We had Harry, Hermione, Draco Malfoy, and I went as Winky the house elf. We got a lot of funny looks and questions at the restaurant about our costumes, but we enjoyed letting our nerdiness be showcased.

This moment features Hermione punching Draco and Draco kicking Winky.

My housemates and I took advantage of the sunny weather on Sunday and read books at our hotel pool. With only a certain amount of room in my suitcase, I still managed to wiggle 8 paperbacks into my luggage to Australia. My friends have been taking turns reading all of them. In the evening, Matt and I went surfing to add to my bruise collection. We played spike ball while the sun set and pet all the dogs on the beach (that is one of my favourite things about the beach, seeing all the dogs).

Pretty sunset to end the weekend

To wrap up midterms week, Bond is doing a kindness week. They brought in a petting zoo (not as good as the Critter Barn, though), a therapy dog, and had a flower arranging station. Other activities offered this week include free snacks, painting & pizza, tote bag tie dye, and pilates by the lake. It has been fun to participate in, but it makes me miss Hope. I always look forward to those type of things at home, through SAC or other clubs.

My arrangement of flowers 🙂

With the start of November comes some visitors for me! My mom and cousin fly into the Gold Coast next week, so I will get to show them around! Being abroad is incredible, but I miss my family and everyone at home heaps. Mid-semester slump has hit many of us, so I think seeing some familiar faces will be rejuvenating. The Sydney kids are coming next weekend as well, so it shall be a fun reunion. We are looking forward to showing them the Gold Coast just as they showed us NSW! I’ve heard it’s getting cold at home (even a first snow already Michigan?), so keep warm ; )


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