Reflecting on my time in South Africa: A Changed Person – A Changed Perspective

Almost five months.  I lived in South Africa for almost 5 months. I could hardly imagine so much fun and pain, so many learned lessons  and new perspectives, so many breathtaking and tragic sights all could be crammed into a mere 150 days. Yet I experienced all that and more. The John Luke that stepped onto the […]

A Progressive Time – #FeesMustFall

On Thursday, September 15th, I attended a mass meeting led by student and worker protesters declaring that they would be shutting the University of Cape Town down in order to protest some of the stated injustices occurring at UCT. And that they did. Since that Thursday meeting, I have not had classes and UCT has […]

Mountains or Water?

Important question: Mountains or Water? Which one most fits you? Which region would you choose to live? This is one of the random icebreakers questions I liked to ask. My response in the past has usually been water. There is something about the sweet blue crashing waves that just makes my heart swell with peace and […]

South Africa is Developed and Developing…

“South Africa is a country that is developed and developing.” This is something that my IES adviser, said during my first few days in Cape Town during my orientation – a time in which myself and other students learned more about Cape Town and South Africa. On the first day of orientation we explored Sea Point in […]

My Freshenior Year

Last year, during the Hope College 201 5 Orientation, I helped move some incoming students into their residential halls, most of whom were freshmen.  As I interacted with students and “people-watched” from afar, I saw many typical “freshmen” occurrences. I saw the awkward interactions of students meeting their roommates for the first time. I saw […]

The Start of Something New

And just like that my summer has come to end and I am off to be a student in another country with a semester that is currently overcast with many unknowns. Since the moment when I gave my sister the bittersweet and final wave before going through security at O’Hare International airport, my emotions have […]