Travels in a Thin Country

I’ve had a great time in Chile. With things wrapping up a bit, I’m reflecting on all the things I’ve done. I have made a lot of decisions since I’ve been here, and not all of them have paid off in the end. So this is my advice to you. These are things I would have done differently had I known:

  • Taken more classes that count for something. It’s nice to have Mondays and Fridays off but now I’m going back with credits that only really help me in my Spanish major.
  • Explored more. The best way to learn a city is to walk it. Yeah, it’s a lot of walking, but I think I would have benefitted greatly by walking around at the beginning.
  • Saved more. I’ve spent a lot of money since I’ve started college, and not all of it on incredibly useful stuff. Things in Chile are about the same or even more than in the States, and I should have been more prepared.
  • Thought more about traveling. I knew I didn’t have a lot of money coming here, so I never even thought about taking trips. I have gone on a trip or two and I’ve LOVED IT. I wish I would have thought more about it before I got here and planned a little better.
  • I would have bought a later flight home. My program ends on the 12th of December, and they told us we could leave that day, so that’s when my ticket is for. But a lot of people are staying so I will be the first to go, and I will have to say good-bye to everybody first, and that is going to be hard.
  • I wish I could have had more time in this wonderful country. It has helped me grow and become. My Spanish is really good now, and I can tell that I am more comfortable talking and communicating. I’ve missed my family and friends and Hope College a lot, but I am so happy I got to have this experience.

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