Almost There – On Pushing Through The Rest of the School Year

Hi everyone!

Here at Hope, we’re very quickly nearing the end of the school year. As the weather heats up, the ants in the pants start squirming, and everyone is ready for summer. I know that at most colleges and universities the time is winding down, but high schoolers might still have a little ways to go.

For both parties, here’s how to survive the last month or two of school.

1. Get some sun – it’s out there, so you might as well take advantage of it. While the sun might make you want summer more, your body is probably craving the natural vitamin D that has been absent since the winter clouds rolled in. Go outside, enjoy it.

The sun is shining bright in holland!
The sun is shining bright in holland!

2. Do not procrastinate. Avoid putting off everything that you have to do until the last few minutes. It’s so much better to divide up your time between work and fun while it’s nice out. For your own sake, do not procrastinate!

3. Take lots of pictures (of friends & fun times). If you’re in high school, I promise you you’re going to want these. You only have so much time to go. If you’re in college, I still feel like the same goes. You’re not going to see your friends for three or four months! Take pictures so that you can reminisce over the summer. Plus, it’s fun, and it’ll take your mind off the far-felt summer.

The sun is shining bright in holland!
A sign I saw in downtown Holland. I might have to take their offer up!

4. Spend time with those around you. This sort of goes with the one above. Hang out with your friends while they’re still close to you! You’re going to miss them soon.

My friend Grace and I!
My friend Grace and I after getting froyo downtown! (Credit to Grace’s snapchat)

5. Slow down. Time already goes fast enough, we don’t need to try to make it go faster! Live in the moment and be present. Everything will feel so much better. April showers always bring May flowers; summer is coming, I promise! There’s no need to sit around waiting for summer to happen when there’s so much going on around you in the present.

Those are five of my tips on surviving school for whatever time you may have left. Make the most of it!

If you have any questions for me you can contact me at, through Facebook, or my twitter @hopebrooke18! I’d love to answer them!

A Summer of GROWTH + New Beginnings!

Wow, it’s so good to be back at Hope! I am an RA in Dykstra this year and I am loving it so far. My residents rock and I just love being back in Dykstra with such an incredible Res Life staff. They’re so great! Look at them!

Dykstra Staff

I’m so excited for a year with them and all our beautiful Dykstra ladies!

This summer, I was a counselor at Covenant Harbor in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and it was truly life-changing. I learned so much about what God is really like, how incredible his love is, and how full he really can fill our lives and hearts. I also learned a ton about who I am and I feel like, for the first time, I truly became myself at camp. It was such a cool feeling and even though it might sound weird, I’m making sure to stay myself while I’m at school! Camp just blew my mind in so many ways that I really needed and, while I was way too stubborn in getting there, I’m so glad that God put me at Covenant Harbor this summer. I needed it and needed Him in so many ways that I had no idea about until I went.

Here are some pictures from camp! It was the best!

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My summer was incredible but I’m so glad to be back at Hope as well! It’s going to be an incredible year!

Thank you for reading! You can keep up with me at @hopekathryn17 on Twitter, @kathrynekrieger on Instagram, or shoot me an email at!

“Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry,
    but those who trust in the Lord will lack no good thing.”

– Psalm 34:10 NLT

It’s a Blast to be in a Cast

Alright, it’s been a couple weeks since my post about May Term, and enough is enough. I can’t say that everything about May term was absolutely fantastic. Or maybe I can. But I really can’t. But I kind of can. Here, let me explain…

Two weeks into May Term, I went for a walk with a friend. Upon returning to my dorm, I noticed my left foot hurt a little bit. I took off my Sperry and looked at my foot. The first word I could think of was “gross.” The veins were puffy, my foot was swollen, and the top of my foot was reddish-pink. I called my mom, who told me to go to the Health Center the next day to figure out what was going on.

Guess who didn’t go to the Health Center the next day?

Yes, you guessed correctly. Me.

I told myself that my foot didn’t hurt that bad (keeping in mind that my tendonitis cream and Tylenol didn’t help at all, and my foot continued to swell.) For the next two weeks, I went to the Dow for workouts, walked to a lot of places with a lot of people, and practiced my longboarding skills for at least an hour each day. I moved myself out of my dorm by myself. I drove six hours back to my home in Iowa.

… I was home on a Friday and throughout the weekend I hung out with some friends, who told me my foot looked kind of weird. I woke up on Monday and could barely walk.

THEN I decided to go to the doctor. And what did I find out?

I have a fracture on my 2nd metatarsal, stress fracture on my 3rd metatarsal, and a foot sprain. And I walked on that for two weeks without knowing it was broken at all.

I’m not entirely certain of how I broke my foot, but I think exercising, longboarding, and jumping out of my bed are combination culprits of this particular situation.

Now, I told my mom that I must be “One tough gluten-free cookie,” but honestly, I might just be stupid. (I call myself that very lovingly, but c’mon, Soph… you were already at the Dow for your workout, why not just go to the Health Center while you’re there, too?)

Moral of the story: If your foot does not look normal, please go to the Hope College Health Center. They are very caring and will help you with anything you need.

But after all, it’s called Summer “Break,” right? While some are spending summer on their longboards, I have a pretty cool scooter I ride around. My scooter, or “Swaggin’ Wagon” as I like to call it, creates lot of conversation with the elderly people I meet on the street. Apparently, most of them have used one too. And lots of people hold the doors open for me when I use my crutches, so that’s been pretty nice. My main goal is to see how great of a “boot tan” I can get by spending time in the summer sun. I’ve been in the boot for five weeks so far, and I’m hoping I’ll be out of it by the end of July.

Here are a couple of my Summer “Break’ adventures so far:

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It’s Partway into June… way too soon!

Yikes! Am I far behind or what? I’ve been meaning to update you on my summer thus far, and after review I realized that I have plenty of drafts and nothing published.

I apologize for that.

However, I was up to some pretty awesome shenanigans in May. I stayed on Hope’s campus to complete my final 100-level four-credit Communications class, Public Presentations, with professor Deone Quist. I also had Professor Quist for The Communications Process last fall, and I loved having her again for this class.

What were some of the best parts about sticking around for May term? Let me fill you in.

1. Tulip Time. The Tulip Time Festival in Holland took place for the two weeks right after finals week. Although there are very few students around, Holland is filled with tourists and people dressed in Dutch outfits.

Okay, that may not sound very exciting, but believe me, it is. Beyond the tourists, there are tons of rides, two parades, and lots of food stands that look pretty delicious (I unfortunately couldn’t eat at any of them due to my gluten intolerance, but my friends confirm that they were awesome.) Definitely check it out for at least one year while you’re here.

If you don't take a picture of tulips in Holland... were you ever really there at all? ;)
If you don’t take a picture of tulips in Holland… were you ever really there at all? 😉

2. Small Class Sizes. My class had eleven students, while the typical Public Presentations class during the school year can have up to thirty students due to the high demand of the class. Less people, less pressure… and less speeches to sit through, too. 🙂

3. Longboarding. I picked up longboarding, which was an absolute blast! By the end of May, I was pretty good at it, too.

4. Spending time with friends. My two best friends, Delaney and Sarah, came up to visit me during May term! We had an awesome weekend longboarding, shopping, and drinking late-night coffee at JP’s and Lemonjello’s.

Delaney and I had a blast hanging out in the Pine Grove to enjoy the warm weather!
Delaney and I had a blast hanging out in the Pine Grove to enjoy the warm weather! (Sorry about the Instagram filter, we accidentally deleted the wrong picture.)

I can’t believe May term has been over for almost two weeks– this summer is flying by! Soon enough, we’ll all be back on campus again, and I can hardly wait. If you have any questions about May term, or any questions about anything as you prepare for the coming year, please feel free to contact me via twitter @hopesophie17 or shoot me an email at

Hope you’re enjoying summer!

A Four Day Week

Hey folks! I know that Hope students are particularly happy that today is our last day of the week because tomorrow is Good Friday! I just have one more class, then it’s time for home. I am thankful that it warmed back up again, because there was snow on the ground Monday and Tuesday. Mother Nature, excuse me? Although it was only a four-day week, it was LONG. Why? Probably because I had so much going on. Anyway, I just want to give you all a recap of what happened this week!

MONDAY: Well last Monday was supposed to be our last Monday of clinical, but my professor wanted us to go back to the hospital to gain more hours and do more skills. At first, I thought it was pointless, but I’m so thankful that I was there! Being around patients and helping others is just awesome. After clinical, it was back to campus to do homework, and a lot of it. As the semester winds down, I want to finish as much as I can so I have all the time in the world to study. After a long night of homework, there was at least one inch of snow on the ground. That made me particularly angry. Here’s a picture.


After seeing the snow, I knew it was time for bed. I could not look at it one more second!

TUESDAY: We also had clinical Tuesday, and this was my best day at clinical yet. It was also our last, so it was really convenient! On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to start an IV, and I got it in the vein on my first try, EVER! So I got bragging rights. That’s all I could think about! I mean, I took care of my patients, and I kept busy, so time flew. But again, all I could think about is how I got that IV stick in the first try. I can’t wait to be a nurse!!!

WEDNESDAY: Wednesdays are usually the worst, in that I start at 8:30 in the morning and go until 5:00 pm. So my Wednesdays go like this: wake up, shower, eat, class, chapel, lunch, class, and class. Looks so eventful, doesn’t it! I wish I could say more about  my Wednesdays, but I can’t. Haha!

I have chosen more questions for my last “Dear Abby” post of the semester, so keep out on the lookout for that post! If you haven’t already, make sure you follow me on twitter at @HopeMarvin15 and check out my Instagram at MarvSolberg. I like to post pictures of the campus buildings 🙂 Have a great Thursday everyone!

The Final Days

Oh my goodness, just one more Monday after this one. It’s crazy to believe that the school year is finally winding down. When you, the new admitted students, come to Hope, your time will fly by. Make every second count! It’s hard for me to believe that I’m going to be a senior nursing major really soon. Being a senior just really seems like a foreign concept to me! But I am just so excited and ready!

If you were here this past Saturday, thank you for coming to Admitted Students Day! It was such a blast to be able to start your morning as an emcee. Yeah, isn’t that a weird spelling for emcee? I always thought it was “MC…” Back to the point, I hope you were able to attend you academic session and see how academics work at Hope College. I also hope you had fun enjoying the social aspect of Hope. Now I know a lot of you had fun. But just imagine, that will be YOU having fun EVERYDAY starting this August! It was so great to meet some you as well, and I can’t wait to see you around campus next year!

Anyways, this weekend was eventful and busy, but a good busy. On Friday was the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance. What a cool thing to go to! A bunch of my friends had research to present, so I attended for moral support. It was also SO AWESOME to see how much Hope College invests in undergraduate research. Not many schools do this, but Hope does and it’s evident because we’re ranked in the top 10 for undergraduate research! Afterwords, a bunch of friends and myself went to some dunes here in Holland to appreciate Mother Nature. And it was a perfect day because it was warm and sunny. I forgot that there was sun and warmth, thanks Mother Nature! At the dunes, we watched the sunset and enjoyed the company of each other. After, we went to get some frozen yogurt, because who doesn’t like frozen yogurt? Then, we watched a movie after. To say the least, I actually had a social life Friday!

Then, Saturday was Admitted Students Day, and I was able to emcee for that which was awesome. I definitely want to do that next year! Working for Admissions is seriously a blessing. Being a part of admissions is just very rewarding! Then, I had a 3-hour CPR renewal class. Following this class, I went to a sorority formal with one of my great friends! Saturday was very busy and eventful!

Sunday was a day for catching up on work and just relaxing. Believe it or not, I started packing my stuff already! Because this Friday is Good Friday, there is no school, so I get to leave Thursday. I’m just going to bring a lot of my belongings home, so when it’s actually time to part for summer vacation, I won’t have that much! I just can’t believe I’m already packing. This just means I’m one day closer to a summer of a lifetime! Alrighty friends, that’s it for now! Keep posted, I’m going to post soon! Thanks!

My Week

Hey all! I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I would post now. The last few weeks of the semester are the worst, in that there is so much work to do and I don’t feel like there is enough time to do it! You can say these next 3 weeks will be stressful, but at least I’ll have something to look forward to… VIENNA! Anyway, here I go!

This past weekend was busy. I haven’t seen a lot of my friends last week, so there was so much to catchup on, whether that was through coffee meetups, or meals, I did whatever I could to be in touch with them because they are important!! Sunday morning, I did some homework and catching up with my friend Erica. Then, we went on a run because it was just so beautiful. I’m so excited to be running outside again, because running inside is just boring. Later Sunday, I went to Saugatuck and hiked Mt. Baldhead with Brooke. She is really cool. But anyway, the view was super cool. I’m all about nature! To top it off, the weather has been exceptionally nice, so it was definitely appropriate to be outside! Here is a pic from the top!

Brooke and I on top of Mt. Baldhead. The view of Saugatuck and Lake Michigan was absolutely awesome!
Brooke and I on top of Mt. Baldhead. The view of Saugatuck and Lake Michigan was absolutely awesome!

It was really hard to do homework this weekend because of the weather. All I can think about it summer and summer vacation, and this really nice weather isn’t helping at all! But it’s nice to see that Mother Nature has a nice side, right? Anyways, I did my homework Sunday night when it got a little chilly, so I could be outside as long as possible, and it was the best choice by far!

Monday and Tuesday were clinical days, and it was a little rough in that the weather was just so nice and I had no desire to be inside. After clinical on Tuesday, I went for another run with Erica. This time, we ran to Windmill Island and it was AWESOME! Here’s a pic.

How Dutch of me.
How Dutch of me.

But hey, I didn’t mind the nursing work 😉 Wednesday, I just had one class, and the rest of the time, I was doing homework and catching up for the rest of the week. Today, I just have one class. Then I’m going to work on some homework followed by a run!!! I’m looking forward to it because it’s ABOVE 60 degrees outside. I didn’t know it could get that warm! Overall, the rest of the week should be a smooth ride. As the semester winds down, all I have left to do are some projects and exam study time! This weekend is also going to be full of so many adventures, and I can’t wait to post about that! Alright all, that’s it for now! I CANT WAIT TO MEET THOSE WHO ARE COMING TO ADMITTED STUDENTS DAY!

Summer 2013

For those reading this, you’ve come to the right blog. I know I already did an introduction of myself and whatnot, but now I want to share my summer with you. I know it seems kind of ridiculous, especially in September, but trust me, it’ll be worth it. Now that that’s out of the way, this past summer has been my most eventful and life-changing summer, EVER. An interesting fact about myself, and this is the fact that I share with everyone, is that I’m Filipino. For about a month, my family went to the Philippines for my cousin’s wedding and a vacation! It was the first time I was back since I emigrated to the United States at 8 years old. I remember so much from when I was little; seeing the changes was astounding. It was a great time to do some R&R, but it was also 100% educational. It was just one of those trips that you will never forget. Instead of blabbing on and on with words, look at the pictures below and read the captions. Surely, the pictures will speak for themselves!

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After the Philippines, I was home for about a week. All I did was sleep. I was so jet lagged that I slept for 16 hours at one point. Crazy right? Then after that week, I flew to Maine where I spent the most of my summer! I worked at Camp Cobboossee as a counselor. I got to work with the coolest kids ever, and it was definitely a great experience! Ultimately, I want to work with kids, so this job was perfect. Hopefully I get to return next summer. I miss my campers and counselor friends! Here are some pictures from camp!

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Hopefully you enjoyed this blog! I was barely home for the summer, but I wouldn’t of traded my experiences for anything else! More to come shortly, make sure you keep checking in! If you haven’t already, follow me on twitter at @HopeMarvin15! God Bless!

My Summer + Orientation 2013!

Hello Everyone!

Even though I already made my first post of the year, I wanted to talk a little bit about my summer!

From early May to mid July, not much happened. I was at home in Iowa, where I watched sheep play behind my house and way too many shows on Netflix. But seriously, that’s about all I did.

In mid July, I started work in a corn field. If you didn’t already know, the state of Iowa was pretty much made for farming. With the exception of the occasional hill, Iowa is very flat and has fertile soil. Size wise, it ranks 26th out of the 50 states, but only has a population of about three million people. So, if you add it all up, great land + few people = lots of farms and fields!

The farms in Iowa are used for several things. Any corn, pork, chicken, eggs, beef, or dairy you get from a grocery store (or McDonalds!) may have come from a farm in Iowa. Along with growing our nation’s food, a lot of the fields, including the one I worked in, are owned by companies that test crops.

The company I worked for tests genetically modified corn. I was involved with the growing process, which mostly means that I helped to cross-pollinate, or sib, the corn. This involved putting bags on the corn tassels, collecting the pollen, and dumping it on the growing shoots of corn. I did this work for about a month, until it was time for me to return to Hope for…


If I seem a little excited about orientation, it’s because it was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Hope so far, and definitely one of the best experiences in my life overall. My position on the orientation staff was an assistant director (AD). There were 23 of us, and our main goals were to:

1. Help Kian and Claire, the orientation directors, with any finishing touches.

2. Train the Orientation Assistants (OAs) to lead their group of new students.

3. Learn and perform an awesome dance for the new students!

Along with these responsibilities, I also had some work to do for the siblings program with two other ADs, Jess and Hannah. Over the summer, we solidified the plans for the younger siblings and older siblings programs, and on the Saturday of orientation weekend, were completely in charge of the programs.

I only knew a few of the other ADs before starting Orientation, but by the end, I felt like I had 22 new best friends. We couldn’t help but bond with each other; after all, we were together from 8:30 AM-11:00 PM every day for a week and a half! We stuffed the new student welcome bags and family registration packets, made folders for the OAs, and familiarized ourselves with all things Orientation.

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We worked hard, but we also played hard! We took a trip to Skyzone, a local trampoline gym, went to the beach, learned a fun dance (shout out to Audrey and Hannah for choreographing!), went a little crazy with Snapchat, memorized lines together for the skits Orange and Blue 4 You and H.O.P.E., and became a little family in the process. I would do it all over again with this group in a heartbeat if I ever got chance.

If you ever get the opportunity to be a part of the orientation program, I would highly encourage you to take it! It’s awesome and I know you’ll have a blast!

That’s all from me! Tweet me or comment below if you have any thoughts!


PS – If you remember this little post at the end of the year, you might recall that I said that I was planning to go to Lollapalooza. Long story short, I sold my ticket a week before the show and didn’t end up going. Sad, I know.

Lollapalooza/Last Post of the Year!!!

You guys, I am so excited to tell you about an event I’m going to this summer. You may have heard of it; it’s called…

Yes, I’m going to Lollapalooza this summer! For those who don’t know, Lollapalooza is a three-day music festival in August held in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. This isn’t your average summer band concert in the park; thousands of people come from all over the world to go to Lolla, and with good reason. Each year, the festival draws big name artists to headline and smaller ones to get their name out and about in the world. The headliners this year include The Killers, The Cure, and Mumford and Sons, who are each headlining a different night. 

As you can imagine, tickets for Lolla are a hot commodity. This year, a three-day pass was $235 and a single-day pass was $95. I had originally intended to buy tickets for Saturday and Sunday, but while I was buying my Sunday ticket, the Saturday tickets sold out! It turns out that tickets were gone in a record amount of time this year, so I consider myself lucky to be going only one day. If you’re still wanting to buy tickets for this year, Stubhub is probably your best bet. But be ready to pay a hefty price; single day tickets range from about $120 to $5000.

I’ve never been to Lolla before, or any music festival, so I am beyond excited to experience this! As you may have been able to tell from some past blog posts, I am a big fan of music and live concerts. So, naturally, this is the perfect event for me! One great aspect of Lolla, which I mentioned above, is learning about new bands. Of the 40 performers on Sunday, I had only previously heard of 10. I’ve spent the past few weeks exploring some of the artists I didn’t know before, and listening to more music of the artists that I had heard of. The more I listen to, the more excited I become! The performers I am most excited to see are Vampire Weekend, Two Door Cinema Club, Tegan and Sara, and The Cure. I made a playlist of some of my favorite songs, which you can listen to here:

What do you think? Any songs that you like? Tweet at me or comment below!

Like the title says, this is my last post for the school year! I’ve enjoyed blogging for you and I can’t wait to start again in the fall 🙂 If you are going to be on campus, feel free to say hi!