Almost There – On Pushing Through The Rest of the School Year

Hi everyone!

Here at Hope, we’re very quickly nearing the end of the school year. As the weather heats up, the ants in the pants start squirming, and everyone is ready for summer. I know that at most colleges and universities the time is winding down, but high schoolers might still have a little ways to go.

For both parties, here’s how to survive the last month or two of school.

1. Get some sun – it’s out there, so you might as well take advantage of it. While the sun might make you want summer more, your body is probably craving the natural vitamin D that has been absent since the winter clouds rolled in. Go outside, enjoy it.

The sun is shining bright in holland!
The sun is shining bright in holland!

2. Do not procrastinate. Avoid putting off everything that you have to do until the last few minutes. It’s so much better to divide up your time between work and fun while it’s nice out. For your own sake, do not procrastinate!

3. Take lots of pictures (of friends & fun times). If you’re in high school, I promise you you’re going to want these. You only have so much time to go. If you’re in college, I still feel like the same goes. You’re not going to see your friends for three or four months! Take pictures so that you can reminisce over the summer. Plus, it’s fun, and it’ll take your mind off the far-felt summer.

The sun is shining bright in holland!
A sign I saw in downtown Holland. I might have to take their offer up!

4. Spend time with those around you. This sort of goes with the one above. Hang out with your friends while they’re still close to you! You’re going to miss them soon.

My friend Grace and I!
My friend Grace and I after getting froyo downtown! (Credit to Grace’s snapchat)

5. Slow down. Time already goes fast enough, we don’t need to try to make it go faster! Live in the moment and be present. Everything will feel so much better. April showers always bring May flowers; summer is coming, I promise! There’s no need to sit around waiting for summer to happen when there’s so much going on around you in the present.

Those are five of my tips on surviving school for whatever time you may have left. Make the most of it!

If you have any questions for me you can contact me at, through Facebook, or my twitter @hopebrooke18! I’d love to answer them!

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Hey there, my name's Brooke and I'm a sophomore at Hope right now from the southeast side of the state! I'm majoring in secondary English education with a psychology minor, so that I can spread the love of literature everywhere and maybe even become a counselor to help kiddos out with their current and future school life. So far at Hope I've helped with Time to Serve, joined a bible study, am 1-8 song girl, and a member of Greek Life! The only TV show I watch is New Girl, and I love reading young adult lit! You can email me or follow me on twitter @hopebrooke18! You can always find me on Facebook, too!

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