Busy and Fun, A Rare Occurrence

I’ve been so busy lately that the last thing I want to do in a post is reflect on how busy the last two months of my life have been.

But, whatever, because it’s been a good busy.

Like I said in an earlier post at the beginning of the semester I decided to join a sorority here. Since the end of January I have been spending a lot of time getting to know the girls in our class. It’s been so busy. And normally when I get this busy I fall under immense stress and turmoil and my whole life feels like it might be over.

Not this month, though. Part of this is about time management, and the other part is about how much fun I’m having. I’m doing more than I ever thought I could handle but that can’t beat the people I’m meeting and spending time with. It’s truly shaping up to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, though I think that I will be able to say that with even more gusto once I’m a senior.

For example, last Friday night we watched movie with our brother fraternity and then went to the Science Center afterwards to play sardines. It was so fun! I’m so happy to be surrounded by such a lovely, supportive group of people.

On Saturday, we went on a donut run together for one of the girl’s birthdays! It was great to be able to celebrate with her while munching on one of Hope’s delicacies.

There are so many ways to meet people on Hope’s campus, and this is just the way that I have chosen to branch out after feeling like other opportunities weren’t working as well for me. I’m so glad that I did! When my time frees up next week… I don’t know what I’m going to do. Yeah, it’s been busy, but I kind of like it.

Plus, Big keeps sending me gifts. [Big stands for Big Sister. This is an older girl in the sorority who gets paired up with you to help support you and be there for you! Since Big Sisters also have Big Sisters, this creates a family line. It’s really cool to see how far back your family line goes!]

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If you have any questions for me you can contact me at brookelyn.wharton@hope.edu, through Hope on Facebook, or my twitter @hopebrooke18! I’d love to answer them!

The Final Days

Oh my goodness, just one more Monday after this one. It’s crazy to believe that the school year is finally winding down. When you, the new admitted students, come to Hope, your time will fly by. Make every second count! It’s hard for me to believe that I’m going to be a senior nursing major really soon. Being a senior just really seems like a foreign concept to me! But I am just so excited and ready!

If you were here this past Saturday, thank you for coming to Admitted Students Day! It was such a blast to be able to start your morning as an emcee. Yeah, isn’t that a weird spelling for emcee? I always thought it was “MC…” Back to the point, I hope you were able to attend you academic session and see how academics work at Hope College. I also hope you had fun enjoying the social aspect of Hope. Now I know a lot of you had fun. But just imagine, that will be YOU having fun EVERYDAY starting this August! It was so great to meet some you as well, and I can’t wait to see you around campus next year!

Anyways, this weekend was eventful and busy, but a good busy. On Friday was the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance. What a cool thing to go to! A bunch of my friends had research to present, so I attended for moral support. It was also SO AWESOME to see how much Hope College invests in undergraduate research. Not many schools do this, but Hope does and it’s evident because we’re ranked in the top 10 for undergraduate research! Afterwords, a bunch of friends and myself went to some dunes here in Holland to appreciate Mother Nature. And it was a perfect day because it was warm and sunny. I forgot that there was sun and warmth, thanks Mother Nature! At the dunes, we watched the sunset and enjoyed the company of each other. After, we went to get some frozen yogurt, because who doesn’t like frozen yogurt? Then, we watched a movie after. To say the least, I actually had a social life Friday!

Then, Saturday was Admitted Students Day, and I was able to emcee for that which was awesome. I definitely want to do that next year! Working for Admissions is seriously a blessing. Being a part of admissions is just very rewarding! Then, I had a 3-hour CPR renewal class. Following this class, I went to a sorority formal with one of my great friends! Saturday was very busy and eventful!

Sunday was a day for catching up on work and just relaxing. Believe it or not, I started packing my stuff already! Because this Friday is Good Friday, there is no school, so I get to leave Thursday. I’m just going to bring a lot of my belongings home, so when it’s actually time to part for summer vacation, I won’t have that much! I just can’t believe I’m already packing. This just means I’m one day closer to a summer of a lifetime! Alrighty friends, that’s it for now! Keep posted, I’m going to post soon! Thanks!

The Crazy Weeks Are Upon Us

You betcha. Crazy weeks are upon us here at Hope, but I’m sure they’re at your high schools, too. For some, it may be your spring break, and for others, this is the homestretch. If you’re on spring break, be sure to take advantage of your relaxing time. After spring break, everything is going to happen FAST.

This week has been hectic to say the least, and unfortunately, the remaining weeks look the same. But it’s okay, the days may seem like they drag on, but the weeks will fly by. That’s usually what happens (I sure hope that happens!) For me, the next few weeks might be stressful and hectic, but I have something to look forward to afterwards that make it so worth it, EUROPE! That’s all I can think about, EUROPE EUROPE EUROPE. Only 39 more days. I merely cannot wait.

In the present moment, this week has been packed. Monday and Tuesday were clinical days. Tuesday afternoon, I conducted interviews with my fellow directors for SAC next year! It was so exciting to get interviews rolling! Wednesday, I had class from 8:30 a.m. until around 4:00 p.m. I had some time to relax before TAing for a nursing lab. From Monday-Wednesday, I also studied for my first Adult Nursing Theory exam. Thursday, I woke up early to conduct more interviews, followed by an exam, lecture, and more interviews. And today, my day was packed with interviews from 10a-5:30p. I know that it may not seem a lot in words, but living that life was just stressful. But now, I am so glad I can chill for a little bit. This weekend is going to be a precursor to my next week, which is as intense. If not, MORE CRAZY!

Here is a prelude to next week: 2 exams, 2 nursing process worksheets and nursing care plans (you have no idea, these take a solid 8 hours for quality), 1 research critique, study guide questions, meetings on meetings, and I have to fit in sleep somewhere. To prevent stress and being overwhelmed, I am mapping out my weekly plan. Yes, I do use my planner, but this next week, my planner simply cannot handle my workload.

Before I finish, a couple of exciting things happened that ended my week well; SAC interviews are complete, and my leadership team will be making decisions soon! AND My flights to Rome and Prague have been booked for this summer so I AM PUMPED! Alright, that’s all for now, but look forward to “Dear Abby #3!”

I Can’t Right Now, I’m Busy.

It is now Winter Break Eve, and I am ready to flee. But, I just can’t. I have SO much to do between now and tomorrow before I take a mini vaca in a town where there is more snow and it is colder. Wow, my break just sounded really melancholy. So, to make it better, I’ll be staying inside where it’s warm! There, that’s a little better.

You read my title, and I probably got your attention. Raise your hand if you’re busy right now


Okay, I can’t see you raise your hands, but I’m sure most of you did physically and metaphorically. I’m not going to lie, “I can’t right now, I’m busy” is one of my favorite excuses from the book. But I’ve noticed lately that instead of legitimately using it as an excuse, people just use the phrase to one up each other.

Firstly, why do want to “one up” each other by using this phrase. If you are going to do such a devious thing, you might as well be creative or blunt about. If a friend asks, “Hey, want to hang out tonight?” and you just don’t feel like doing it, just say so or think of something clever.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any broken friendships.

Back to what I was saying, instead of saying you’re busy when you’re obviously not, just tell the truth. Sometimes, the truth hurts, but lies are worse.

Secondly, everyone at college is busy. People are merely busy in different aspects. For example, those in the health field majors have seminars, shadowing experiences, and homework. The fine arts majors have performances, rehearsals, workshops, and homework. Others have work, and for a select few, some have multiple jobs. Ultimately, everyone is busy. No matter why you like it or not. Some people may seems busier than others, and hey, that may be the case. But don’t you dare tell people you are busier than them. Everyone has different lives.

Ok, I just wanted to rant there because this happened to me this week. Someone told me they were busier than me. That’s just not the case, pal. Just be honest with each other, ya!?

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The Final Stretch Until Fall Break! (part 2)

Good morning to you all! Here’s my mid-week/almost end of the week update! It truly has been one of those hectic weeks you have in college. Papers are due, presentations are due, and there are a plethora of exams you need to take. But hey, Fall Break is TOMORROW, so I should just stop complaining, right? Pretty soon, I’ll have 5 days of relaxation and sleep…

Well not in my case. My bestie Amanda and I are going to be busy this Fall Break with work and studying. My mom is opening a new coffee shop! GRAND OPENING is SATURDAY! This is something we do every break. I remember last year during Winter Break, we planted ourselves in the library everyday doing work just to stay on track. That’s what you get with being a science major right? Well, anyways, here, take a peek at what I have done this week, and what’s in store for me for the rest of the day and tomorrow!

MONDAY was my last day being at Holland Hospital for my psychiatric mental health nursing clinical. I can’t believe it has been 8 weeks. Time really flies when you’re at school. Remember, live each day as if it were your last, and take advantage of the time you do have!

TUESDAY: Instead of being at the hospital for our clinical, we had a four-hour lecture in preparation for our exam THURSDAY (TODAY!) It was great to wrap things up!

WEDNESDAY: So, yesterday was probably one of my better days. I got a bunch done, and I felt good about it! So, I worked out in the morning, worked, had four hours of class, then I went for a 5.35 mile run. SCORE! Talk about a great stress-reliever.


But seriously though, after that run, I felt like I could do anything. After, I ate and worked some more being a TA. After, I studied for my psych exam for a while which is TODAY. I am ready to tackle that sucker.

THURSDAY (TODAY!): Right now, I am working some more (yeah, I work Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday), then I am going to have lunch, then it’s off to my EXAM! I’ll probably do more work after because I have some grading to do. Oh bother.

FRIDAY (TOMORROW!): FALL BREAK. But before leaving, I have my pathophysiology exam. It’s going to be tough, but with studying, and having faith, I will survive like I did last time.

I know, there is so much room for complaining, and I take advantage of it. But hey, I’m just a college student with college problems, like exams back-to-back! Ultimately, this is what I really want to do in life, so I am working very hard to achieve my goal! If you have any nursing questions, or questions in general about college, SEND ME A MESSAGE! I’d love to converse with you about upper education!

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