Springtime in Holland is like no other.  Don’t get me wrong, I love coming back to school in the fall, and the first snow is absolutely magical.  Still, there’s just something about the first few warm days on campus that have a special air to them. Here are my top five aspects of springtime in Holland.

1. Classes Outside

One day last week, temperatures got up to about 65 degrees in Holland. This is absolutely unheard of for a Michigan February. On this day, my professor let us have class outside. This is pretty common for classes at Hope. When the sun is shining in early spring, you’ll walk past classes having discussions in the Pine Grove or at the picnic tables outside of Phelps Dining Hall. Thanks to small class sizes, this is such a unique experience that professors provide because they truly care about their students holistically, and understand the appeal of sunshine! For me, our time outside last week was definitely my favorite session of class!

2. People in the Pine Grove

I still remember the first warm week of my freshman year. It felt like everyone was in the Pine Grove: hammocking, playing spike ball, or eating picnic dinners. This was my favorite week of freshman year, and as the weather gets warmer I’m finding that a similar sentiment is surfacing. A walk through the Pine Grove on a warm day will bring you face to face with at least a handful of friends. Everyone is out and spending time together, and it’s truly one of my favorite parts of life at Hope.

3. Going on Walks

Between our beautiful campus, downtown, and nearby trails, there are plenty of places to walk or run in Holland. This is a reality all year round, but as the weather gets warmer these sites grow more popular. Last week, I went on a sunrise run at Window on the Waterfront. It’s maybe half a mile off campus, and absolutely beautiful (especially as things warm up!). Walking and running in the warmer weather is definitely one of my favorite parts about springtime in Holland.

my sunrise run last week at Window on the Waterfront

4. The Beach

A few nights last week, it seemed like everyone was at the beach. All year long, it’s pretty typical for Hope students to sit in their cars and watch the sunset at Holland State Park. As it gets a little warmer, though, we can actually get out of our cars, walk on the sand, and maybe even touch the water (or Polar Plunge, if you’re brave!). Picnic dinners at the beach become an ever-present possibility as it warms up… what a joy.

5. The Tulips

Holland is known for its annual Tulip Time Festival, which happens near the beginning of May. Through the second half of spring semester, the tulips begin to bud and bloom. Already, I’ve seen some stems sprouting up around campus, which is such a joy. As time progresses, it becomes more and more exciting to see how the tulips are growing. This is a beautiful part of spring semester.

We’ve just reached the midpoint of spring semester, and I’m so thankful that hints of spring are starting to pop up. A taste of warm weather and the promise of tulips are just what I needed to push through until spring break. Spring time in Holland is truly my favorite part of the year. I am so grateful for sunshine, and classes outside. For friends that you run into in the Pine Grove, the beach, tulips, and walks or runs in warm weather. Here’s to the second half of this semester, amidst the budding beauty of a Holland spring!

Published by Audrey Wells

Class of 2026 Hometown: Portage, MI Majors: Communications & Spanish Minor: Social Witness Ministry & Global Health

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