“This is my Anchor of Hope”

There’s a park at the end of the east side of campus in the square that makes up 10th, 12th, Central and River. Its name is Centennial Park. I know that now. But freshman year, while trying to find the Pine Grove (and inadvertently walking directly through it to instead find Centennial), I sat down […]

There are Some Pretty Cool Places in West Michigan

Last Sunday, part of my close family came to visit me at Hope College. I had the opportunity to speak Czech, my native language, they brought me British tea and the most delicious candy on Earth named Fidorka. But, I also had the opportunity to travel around of Holland and West Michigan area. I realized […]

7 Tips: When You Get Sick Three Weeks Into College

You barely know your friends, you’re just getting into a routine with your classes, and now you have a nasty cold. What do you do? As a recent head cold survivor, I have seven tips that can make being sick less awful. 1: Drink orange juice. Don’t be a pansy about it, either. Down that […]

My Summer Plans!

Welp, I may be writing this one a little early with still having a week of school and then finals, but it is clear to see where my mind has already gone: SUMMMMMEERRR! This is a summer that I am very excited for. My last summer was one where it seemed like all the  Facebook […]

Last Spring Fling in a Week

The countdown to the end of the school year has officially started! For the seniors out there, it means the final days of college. I know I have friends who are excited to be moving on, but more often than not, most people are scared either because they don’t have jobs lined up or they […]

We Hope for Certainty, But We Stand in Fear

There are times we wait for courage, but it never really comes. Sometimes we wait for peace, or pure knowledge, or steadfast trust, but we lack the capacity with our mind and heart to accept it. We’re hoping for certainty while stand in fear, our knees knocking, teeth chattering, stress pumping through our veins. There’s […]